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Police: Delaware mother tries to sell baby for 15k

Bridget Wismer arrested for trying to sell newborn baby to 54 year old Philly man

October 5th, 2011 by | Permalink

Pictured here, Bridget Wismer, 33, from Brookside Park Delaware who tried to sell baby for $15,000. Screen shot via ABC News.

Delware police say that physical evidence exists that Bridget Wismer, 33,  tried to sell her baby to John Gavaghan, 54. The evidence turned up during a search warrant of Gavghan’s home.
Wismer’s family reportedly alerted the police after they discovered that Wismer was working out a deal with a middle aged man from Philadelphia to sell him her newborn son. Police report that they found 10 instances in Gavghan’s home where it was documented in great detail — the sale and purchase terms of the baby. The baby was also discovered in Gavaghan’s home during the police search. Gavaghan was immediately arrested and charged with several felonies.
Wismer, who was arrested and charged with several felonies as well, is now out on bail. She told ABC 7 News that the police have it all wrong. She claims Gavaghan is simply a good friend who offered to help her out financially. She claimed that they agreed to share custody of the baby while she got back on her feet. Wismer also has two other young children.
However, police aren’t buying her story.
Police say that there is ample evidence to show that Wismer intended to sell her baby, sans visitation rights, to Gavghan for $15,000.
The baby is now in the custody of of DCFS and has since been placed in foster care.

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