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You Can’t Kill Whitey

Most white men aren't panty waist liberal tear faucets.

The media portrays white men as bumbling dweebs lacking the ability to jump, dance and sing, along with the Entertainment industry they are obedient arms of the democrat left. For decades Democrats have obsessed with marginalizing white men, mostly because the intelligent whites vote against them and the dumb one is too stupid to recognize the maligning barbs.

The entertainment industry version of a white guy

Since the beginning Mankind’s history, white males have accomplished many consequential feats, arguably none more impressive than Western civilization or the free world. Self-Rule was introduced to the West as far back as the fifth century BC. In early Greece, the Athenian leader Cleisthenes had conceived the institution of democracy, although it was short-lived, (a couple centuries) it would be an institution that free men of the world, through shedding blood and self-sacrifice, would finally capture.

Women of the radical left have been afforded the right to voice their malevolent rants against white men without the risk of violent retaliation, economic penalty or social shunning that’s prevalent in Eastern cultures, only because of the free society white men had established. Women of the West have also enjoyed safety and prosperity by riding the coattails of white men throughout their historical rise and unprecedented triumphs.

The contribution by women to civilization is indisputable however, without those, formidable males would have been denied the nurturing they required for a balanced disposition. Plus who would do the dishes? A woman’s inherent temperament that’s defined her obligation to mankind throughout history has averted man’s DNA. Of course, there are anomalies; they represent 4.5 percent of the population says estimates.

In America, the war against white males has not only enlisted radically left women but also gay & lesbians, minorities, transgender people and illegal aliens. American blacks are routinely presented as the victim of the white man’s predatory intentions. The left maintains that white men are responsible for blacks’ incarceration rates, financial disparities, and much social exclusion. However, spokesmen for the left (the mainstream media) fail to suggest a very substantial theory for black’s disproportionate deficiencies.

I’m sure that readers are aware of several disparaging statistics pertaining to blacks that amazingly enough aren’t precipitated by white males, such as their alarming homicide rates. As late as 2015 among 100,000 blacks the homicide rate is 20.9%, which is higher than all other races combined! The census states that the percentage for homicides committed by blacks is 267% higher than the national average. Children are statistically better off when raised by both parents and over 66% of black children are raised by single parents, the closest race to share an abnormal precedent for single-parent homes is American Indians at 52 %, both are significantly higher than whites who are at 24%. Perhaps these are just a couple of facts contributing to black dysfunction instead of white males.

The left is also regurgitating its desire for black reparations, to account for injustices by racist white men and to match other benefits that blacks are entitled to like education, employment, and financial assistance. Although, The United States ended the international slave trade in the early nineteenth century and all slavery 60 years later in 1865, a significant portion of the black population “Wants to get paid”. It is my contention that they already have been paid and now actually owe us change! And in two paragraphs you’ll read what I mean.

United States & slavery information to blow your mind (or at least shake it up a bit)
Only one in five Southern households owned slaves, a few of Southern slave owners were black. Most of the white men who owned slaves were married to white women, unfortunately, feminist this makes you complicit. Contrary to popular belief (That being liberal propaganda) Africans were never snatched from their beds while the family slumbered by evil white men, in fact, there’s no record of any white men in Africa at the time. Slaves were usually captured in tribal wars by other Africans; this was a common practice in Europeans wars throughout history. In Alexander the Great’s destruction of Tyr he sold 30,000 men into slavery and in his siege of Gaza after he massacred all the males he sold the women and children into slavery. This was also a common practice of the Romans too, yes slavery existed outside of Africa I’m afraid.

Although slaves were present in America before our founder’s signing of the Constitution, it was by the Spanish. Our ancestors, the racist old white men that penned the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights, were responsible for conceiving the greatest Nation in history. They also would sacrifice blood, livelihood, and endure sins negating their humanity to construct this bastion of freedom, that’s worst fairing occupant is better off than most outside America. Blacks and other minorities enjoy the fruit of our founder’s labor, but wrote no articles of liberation, conceived no design of government, and shed little blood against despotic King George.

The sacrifices of black slaves paid the way for modern blacks many of who do nothing but make demands and destroy communities. They are fortunate to be out of Africa and in the greatest country to exist, they should actually be grateful to white men. Also, Africa’s few desirable aspects could arguably be due to colonization and technology from white men. Still today, some white American men feel ill-advised to illustrate the bias of substantial democrat accomplishments like affirmative action, minority lending, or hell even The Black Entertainment Network.

The fact is that over half a million white men perished in the Civil War, a war to free the black slaves, some battled their own flesh and blood and risked losing everything that they had. These are valid reasons that reparations are nonsensical and just another tactic of Democrats to keep their stranglehold on the black vote.

Another minority that theoretically and actually would welcome white man’s demise are Native Americans, excuse me Indians. The next time some ball-less sack from the left cries their bogus mantra “White men came and stole the Indians land and displaced these peaceful people!!Boo hoo hoo”. Inform them that we did not steal this pseudo-indigenous peoples land, we fucking conquered them! Which throughout history was commonplace, should we demand that Nations around the world voluntarily replace themselves with the people that they had evicted from their land by force?

“What you got pale face”

The Indians put up a hell of a fight, contending with them wasn’t easy, we battled from the seventeenth century all the way to the early nineteen hundreds. There should be no question that in some instants we treated them badly, however, conquered people through the ages had routinely been brutalized to a degree that makes the Indian war seem innocuous. Today the Indians also enjoy a civilized society conceived and erected by white men, benefiting from modern medicine, educated physicians that don’t rely on magic, tax exemptions, and casinos.

In conclusion, to part one of You Can’t Kill Whitey I must say that the title reflects the European male’s tenacious will to survive and prosper. In 1215 European men understood the priceless value placed on man’s liberty and created The Magna Carta, a guarantee that would give rights to him and all of England’s future sovereigns that were ruled by laws. The prodigious document also introduced mankind to the concept that states a man is innocent till proven guilty by a group of peers.

Hypocrite feminist fear Muslim confrontation

The Democrats create victimhood which feeds their voting machine, they must continue to create these victims and hold white men responsible. The Democrats or liberal left despise America’s founding concepts that are adhered to and supported by most white men, largely by alpha males. The Democrats will travel to astounding heights of hypocrisy, for instance, two of the so-called victims that they’ve corralled to strengthen the voting base of their regime are feminist and minority Muslims. Although feminist rail against whitey, contriving his violent oppression of them, they cowardly remain silent to the real oppression Muslim women exist under. Islamic law imposes stifling restrictions and unequal treatment on Muslim women. Feminist, what hypocrites!

Alexander Vanopolis