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There was a time when men who gave their life for this country, women and people who were black, were denied the privilege to vote. Common sense and democracy prevailed, making it possible for servicemen, women and African Americans to partake in one of our most valued rights, to vote.

We have made the proper ethical and logical additions to our legally approved list of voters , but I suggest, the pendulum should swing both ways. Yes, I believe we should also rescind the right to vote from people who fail a simple prerequisite. A short, elementary questionnaire, that I believe is just as appropriate as having proof of citizenship, age or showing your identification, do we even ask for those requirements?

American voter registration form (amended)

1. Are you an American citizen?

2. Was Atlanta damaged when Russia invaded Georgia?

3. Did the cold war end in the spring or the summer?

4. Was Lenin a popular British Beetle?

5. Is Ivan the terrible a wrestler?

Too many individuals on too many occasions, can randomly ask others in their immediate surroundings about their insight on pertinent international matters and realize not many people know, not many people care. For that matter, we can inquire about national affairs and receive little participation on the intricacies of topical matters. I’m not suggesting everyone read three news papers in the morning and be required to take history 101, but I would think we would want to be very interested in the importance of life outside our jobs or night time television shows. Maybe I’m just ranting.

If I check my motives, I guess I am just exhausted with asking people why they are so encouraged about voting for Barack Obama and not getting a coherent answer. It is truly amazing. Change! Vote-A-Way