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What Women Really Want

A woman will often sacrifice looks for a big wallet

Legless Pete, a dear friend of mine that lost a significant portion of his left leg, paid me a visit the other day. Pete is one of those genuine guys that wears his heart on his sleeve, his downside is medically termed as “chronically gullible nerd” and truth be told, that’s what I dig about him.

In spite of his aforementioned missing limb, Pete remains motivated and is determined not to let the rest of his appearance go to hell. My friend’s internal workings to procreate and unleash a swarm of little Pete’s has detected the scent of a potential mate, so he’s been chasing some broad he knows from work.

I don’t usually go to “hip-hop” clubs, I believe that they are the bi-product of cultural rot and reunification dens for the lost drop-outs of Western Society. However, Pete received some good intel that the work chick was going to be there and he could use my moral support.

Although I felt several moments of involuntary cringe, settling in my spine, while seeing suburban white kids doing their best urban thug routines, I rapidly settled into a zone of comfortable relief. It was actually nice to patronize a club with hot chicks and not give a shit. I’ve got a real woman at home who doesn’t live in a bubble of delusion and identity conflict.

Pete, resembling an overly excitable one-legged child on Christmas morning, quickly did a not-so-subtle job of pointing her out and asking me what I thought about her. Although she was attractive in a non-conventional way, it wouldn’t have mattered if she resembled a bulldog, I would sell Pete on my genuine approval.

We awkwardly mingled along as we moved closer to the girl and her friends with each step and eventually exchanged salutations. I will give Pete credit,  he was not the least bit ambiguous about his intentions, but he wasn’t trying to sell himself either. Pete never pulled the trigger that night so this went on for over a month.

Pete would report back with weekly updates, enabling me to quickly access the situation and fairly soon I began to prepare my conciliatory speech for poor Pete. Throughout the whole ordeal, I consciously refrained from instructing or directing good old Pete, I thought it better to offer positive reinforcement.

One evening after work, I took Pete to a man’s bar, complete with pool tables, metal or hard rock, and dollar drafts. Being the intuitive guy I am, I had quickly sensed that something was amiss with Pete, although he was doing his best to appear like himself.

After a minor bit of prodding, Pete confessed that things with the girl at work went sideways and he was moving on. “Hold up Pete, you really liked this chick, something must have happened, what happened man?”-Me

“We finally went on one date and had a great time, so then we met up at the club on Friday and she basically ignored me and left with some guy who thinks he was black.” –Pete

What made things worse was the fact that this was the third rejection for Pete in just as many tries and it really knocked the pep from his step, he was truly down. “What am I doing wrong Alex? Do you think they are just grossed out by my leg?”—Pete

“Pete, your leg has nothing to do with it, have you ever thought that you were just persuing the wrong chick?

Pete was not an ugly guy and he had a steady career in a reliable and well-paying field, his major defect was that he trusted women entirely too much, which usually is at all. He woefully fell for all that romanticized bullshit, which in most cases led to the girl walking all over him. Poor Pete, he just gives women way too much credit, a woman isn’t interested in a guy as much as they are interested in what that guy can give them.

A woman that is seeking a man will generally claim that she just wants a good man, one who will appreciate her, be honest with her and remain faithful to her. Nothing could be further from the truth, a woman is innately driven by a man’s aesthetics, power or money. Most women are willing to sacrifice a handsome man for a wealthy one, who can provide them with an easier and more thrilling existence.

Women really want the best lifestyle that their looks can afford them, all that stuff about romance,  personality, and even looks are secondary. Take a gander at famous men in show business or politics whose reflection could break a plate, they always have a young attractive broad dangling from their arm.

Unfortunately, the more authentic, gullible and trusting those guys like my buddy legless Pete continue to be, the more they will get stepped on and exploited. In less you can oscillate in an advanced mode like me, never chase a woman. Remember, the harder you work at getting a woman, the harder you’ll have to work to keep her.