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Women of the West Are Devolving

Women must be stopped?

Most men in the West have a natural affinity for women, innately preserving their honor, protecting their lives, and providing them with an idyllic life.  Contained within their DNA, exists vital reasons for a man’s concern for the welfare of his weaker female partner.

First, providing she’s not a beached whale, a man must compete for and surpass all of her suitors and their wicked intentions.

Second, a woman bears immense responsibility for cultivating the man’s most priceless commodity, his children. While he risks life & limb in battle to defend their society, he also braves through harsh elements to secure his family’s provisions and in turn, she would ensure stability at home.

The contemporary woman, however, has disintegrated almost entirely from being that essential piece of the foundation in Western Culture.

Women these days seem to have abandoned all the unique qualities which once commanded the loyalty of great men, nurtured young boys into prolific titans who changed history and personified all that young girls could hope to be. Yet, they’ve miraculously retained most of the idiosyncrasies which previously seemed to be canceled out by her dazzling attributes.

Misfortunate males who’ve begun the interview process, attempting to find a qualified female, have even resorted to women with less aesthetic value, with the hopes that a “fixer-upper” might really have her shit together.

Good luck finding an attractive female who’s not hiding a rugrat or two in the closet of her nasty apartment. If she’s slightly north of 25 and hasn’t popped out at least one kid, you begin to wonder how many guys she has buried in the basement. Even lesbians are contributing to the phenomena of “single motherhood”.

Hollywood always showed me that if I didn’t become distracted by the cheap floozies and remained true to my principles that the “right” girl really does exist and I’d find her someday.

Remember when they still had those “kinda-nerdy” chicks that had a real potential just beneath their square exterior? You knew that if you got in on the ground floor, you’d eventually have a penthouse pad.

These girls were also known as prudes, goody goody’s, and &%$@ teases, however, there’s something to be said about a woman who has gotten thru without relying solely on her beauty.

As I weeded through every disappointing adventure, searching for the elusive fabled treasure, I  eventually got educated about the true nature of my quarry. I learned that most women are content to raise little gays and weaklings who eventually buckle under, subdued by the crippling childhood baggage associated with having an apathetic wing-nut for a mom.

The precious woman of the West has obviously devolved into a state similar to that of a rudderless vessel. They hardly seem concerned with maintaining the vital responsibilities required to have a successful civilization.




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