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Women, dating apps, and the declining West

God help us all...

To get a glimpse of the cringe and pathetic state in which many single mothers have been reduced, simply click through the profiles on any popular dating app. There is a relatively shocking number of baby-mamma on the prowl, posing with puckered lips and feigning an artificial air of self-confidence.


Anyone with a pocket-sized bit of intuition can deduce that behind most of these fragile smiles, there lurks a shit-ton of problems and soul-crushing baggage, just waiting to latch on to fresh meat.

It’s astonishing to learn how many single and searching females are well-below 30 and saddled with one or multiple rug rats, they’re willing to roll the dice on a potential “cellar-dweller” or disturbed sex-predator, in a desperate attempt to fill an empty void.

Single mothers aren’t only limited to dating apps, unfortunately, they are prevalent throughout almost every area of our society, multiplying and wreaking havoc like an evasive animal that decimates its new environment.

Contemporary women in the U.S. are driven by the misguided allure of self-empowerment and a warped understanding of self-reliance.

This ever-increasing phenomenon wouldn’t be entirely concerning were it not for all the destructive byproduct of single motherhood, the most distressing of which are the adversely affected children.

Even the most proficient single mothers lack much of what’s involved with successfully rearing children, but let’s be honest, most of them are miles away from proficiency. Studies have shown that these unfortunate children, forcefully dragged through their mamma’s tumultuous life, suffer in almost every vital aspect of childhood.

They are filling detention centers and jails, they are more apt to require state and federal assistance, they are three times more likely to need psychiatric aid, and they are at greater risk of suffering from physical ailments.

These examples are only a preview of the outrageous disadvantages that these poor kids must endure, unlike their peers from normal homes. A disproportionate number of these fatherless misfits are responsible for twisted high profile crimes and they are irreparably fucking up the country.

Does this mean that single moms are responsible for producing generations of disenfranchised children?

Not necessarily, there are plenty of devoted women that tirelessly sacrifice themselves for their children, however, even they fall short many times and fail to cut the mustard.

However, realizing that women are 70% more likely to initiate a divorce and a college-educated chick is 90 % more likely, it becomes apparent that they are substantially more culpable than the lowly tool that most likely impregnated them.

Although most men opt to keep things together and persevere, an unsettling number of them are oblivious as to what it will actually take to maintain, and they indubitably fail.

At the end of the day, a female must accept a greater degree of the blame for fatherless homes and single motherhood. However, there’s a bitter-sweet dichotomy that’s at play here, yes women are overwhelming the culprit in this situation, but they’ve been the unsuspecting casualty of a radical political campaign, manipulated under the guise of feminism.

Women have been unwittingly pressured by a supposed confident, the modern feminist movement, into measuring their successes on a yardstick that’s been designed for a man and it’s just unrealistic.

Women are a unique and intrinsic beings, their physical, emotional, and even mental specifications vastly differ from a male and that’s by design. This doesn’t mean that her capabilities are any less valuable than that of her male counterpart, she generally won’t threaten his benching weight or speed, but that’s not a woman’s forte.

Who would have imagined, one of the most significant factors in the impending fall of the West, the fractured state of womanhood, exposed in a virtual meat-market?

In conclusion:

Obviously, the primary factor that is threatening to derail the West is mass migration, when whites are no longer the clear majority in their own homeland, the identifying culture will cease to exist.

However, the drastically altered state that has rapidly evolved in women, definitely makes the top five. The declaration of female self-empowerment in America, for example, has targeted the family and future generation for extinction.

As long as women will continue to abandon their natural role and stay occupied by competing with men for an unattainable position, the family will suffer, our children will fail, and our aging adults will be replaced by completely damaged losers who are incapable of surviving on their own.