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Why the Left Loves Mr. Crowley

Aleister Crowley self-proclaimed "Worlds most wickedest man"

Perhaps no one quite embodies the left and their sinister intentions more than evil incarnate, Mr. Aleister Crowley.

Aleister Crowley was the worlds most wicked man.
The wickedest man in the world.

Crowley’s occult persona served as inspiration for many famous lefties, here are a few: David Bowie, The Beatles, Timothy Leary, Jimmy Page, and Jack Parsons the founder of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and modern-day rocket science.

The fascist megalomaniac Mussolini tossed his ass out of Italy after reports surfaced detailing Crowley’s cryptic occultism and accusations of animal and human sacrifice.

He had even betrayed his English homeland, throwing support behind Germany, against his fellow Brit’s in WW1. It would later be claimed that he did this because he was secretly working for British Intelligence.

The impetus fueling his malignant depravity was his early disdain for Christianity and Western values; Aleister would rather indulge in evil debaucheries, anti-conformity, homosexuality, drug addiction, and treachery.

Jay Z is just another Godless lefty to admire Crowley
Which ones the real Jay Z?

There are famous celebrities today, belonging to popular cultures radical left that publically invokes Aleister Crowley, like Jay Z.

Jay Z regurgitates Crowley’s famous law “Do what thou wilt”, a mantra that unequivocally identifies the lefts self-entitlement and aversion to the Western tradition.

I don’t know, Jay Z is butt ugly fucker that supposedly gets to bang Beyonce. Maybe he is on to something? (Actually, once she speaks most of her allure quickly dissipates. She is still hot)

The Wickedest Man in the World

Edward Alexander Crowley was born on October 12th, 1875 into a wealthy family in jolly old England. As a burgeoning degenerate, Crowley rejected his parent’s fundamental Christian faith; instead, he pursued his interest in Western esotericism, the philosophy and doctrine of the West.

As a child Crowley’s mother referred to him as the “beast”, they had a very tumultuous relationship. He would later claim that he was “The great beast 666”. This video has little to do with Crowley, just Craziness

When his father, a traveling preacher had expired from tongue cancer, Aleister had lost his childhood “friend and hero” but inherited a third of his father’s wealth. It was then that Crowley began consistently railing against Christianity and openly questioning his religious teachers.

He rebelled against the imposed religious doctrine even more by smoking, openly masturbating and banging dirty prostitutes from whom he contracted gonorrhea, an S.T.D. that causes purulent inflammation of the urethra and mucus like discharge.  (eewww that disgusting)

During Crowley’s college years he metastasized into a fledgling homosexual, although, he still had sex with a woman they were mostly bottom of the barrel prostitutes.

If homo speak, he played the catcher.

Homosexuality was illegal in those days; this act of perversion wasn’t amended until 1967, strangely around the time that the American Civil Rights bill was enacted.

Even though Aleister received honors and good grades, he left Cambridge College in 1898. He had abandoned most of his previous direction and began his deep dissension into the occult and sexually explicit literature.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn 1898-1899

David Bowie can be heard referencing the Golden Dawn in his song Quicksand; he is just one of several pop culture loons that appreciate Mr. Crowley’s reckless doctrine and his cultural subversion.

It’s said that Bowie also took it in the rear.

Crowley’s tenor in the Golden Dawn was very brief, among other things; it seems his bisexuality had repulsed other members of G.D… They wanted him out.

Likely funded by his inheritance, Crowley trekked across the globe, casting spells and shacking up with married women, occasionally with men too. He managed to publish many literary piles of shit throughout his adventures.

After his un-ceremonial exit from the Golden Dawn, Aleister was undeterred, in 1904 he wrote the Book of the Law.

The Book of the Law was the result of a three-day psychotic bender in which spirits proclaimed him to be the prophet, the book also stated that Do what thou Wilt will be the Whole of the Law.

This book was the cornerstone to Crowley’s religion, Thelema, which was practiced by other famous liberal bizarro’s of the 60s & 70s era.

Crowley would continue to publish some seriously twisted shit delving further into Satanism and occult practices. He influenced people like Satanist Anton LeVay, L. Ron Hubbard and other weird heroes of the left.

At this point in his life Crowley basically dumped the clutch and matted the pedal to the floor, he was all in. His twisted perversions and devious acts would only be superseded by the next; he was a full-blown reprobate that would continue to challenge conformity.

In 1969 after concluding a life of pedophilia, homosexuality, sacrifice (poss. Human), authoring literary works, and too much more to mention, all of which was evil, Crowley died. He last lived in obscurity and died pennilessly. What a shame.

One of Crowley's typical bat shit crazy poems.
Aleister Crowley poet and pedophile

Crowley’s intrinsic impact on the Democrat party and all of its sub-genres is quite profound and unintended. Much like the Dem’s Crowley bore no shame by taking any action that would satisfy his goal of power.

This was best summed up by his mantra “Do what thou wilt” which is the antithesis to a conservative or traditionalist philosophy and political ideology.

A good example of the ongoing crisis at the border; Democrats seem to sleep well thru the night after a hard day at the office undermining the American culture. To sustain a permanent voting constituent, they will sacrifice our lower class, our children’s innocence and the rule of law and order.

They understand that it’s highly unlikely that these illegal brown folk will ever stray far from the democrat feeding trough, much like American blacks they will become indentured servants to the Democrat party.

Mr. Crowley was also void of any moral axiom; perhaps that was why so many of pop culture’s left found him so fascinating.

Here’s one of Mr. Crowley’s fragrant literary bouquets:

Boys tempt my lips to wanton use,
And show their tongues, and smile awry,
And wonder why I should refuse
Their buttocks o­n the sly,
And kiss their genitals, and cry:
‘Ah! Ganymede, grant me o­ne night!’
This is the o­ne sweet mystery:
A strong man’s love is my delight! (6 0)

Written by Aleister Crowley

Even shit like that didn’t seem to crack Crowley’s interestingly thin veneer disguising his repulsive pedophile stink from retarded celebs of the left.

And if that minuscule sampling of his evil isn’t enough then Google his poem entitled “Necrophilia”, I can’t even type its depraved verses without puking. Are the left agents of Satan?

Jimmy Page was influenced by Crowley, he he is with Lori Maddox, his 13-year-old groupie.




Crowley died in poverty and obscurity in an English rooming house in 1947, but after his death he became a figure of fascination in popular culture. The Beatles put his picture on the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page purchased a house previously owned by Crowley near Lock Ness in Scotland.

Encyclopedia Britannica -Brian Duignan

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