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Don’t worry Nancy, this will work!

Why is the anti-American globalist aristocracy (the corrupt establishment) so against Trump? Why are Democrats feverishly committed to unscrupulously ousting the 45th President?

Trump is the first President in over 50 years to abandon the official establishment playbook after his inauguration, refusing to play ball. The last President to disregard his directives from the establishment and military-industrial complex was John F. Kennedy, they simply blew his head off.

Today, with social media and cell phone footage all but eliminating intimate moments, they can no longer blow you away and tell the public that a lone gunman made those impossible shots.

The Democrats have a psychotic obsession with removing Trump from office because he refuses to adhere to the global objective, but, most of all they realize that their fragile twisted world will come crashing down after the President replaces Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a conservative Judge. They are desperately clinging to Roe V. Wade and feel one more conservative Judge will change the balance of the Supreme Court for decades to come.


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Adder Puff