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Why is Joe Biden a Low-life scumbag? The first installment

Joe Biden is shameless.

Why is Joe Biden a complete low-life scumbag, to answer this question, a full-length book would need to be considered. I will just touch upon the most relevant and condemning evidence, as I write this, Joe’s most recent moral deficiencies are glaring, glaring like the glow of a white-hot poker.

Twenty-five minutes ago, the former vice President and career politician, “slow” Joe Biden, was addressing the nation, he begins his 25-minute scripted, orchestra of deceit by informing American’s that two-hundred thousand of our fellow countrymen have succumb to the deadly China-virus.

He obviously doesn’t refer to it as the China-virus, rather, the Coronavirus, if there was any way that Joe could, he would refer to the disease as “the Trump-virus”.

Anyway, Biden begins by reciting some anecdotal hearsay, nothing provable mind you, just some anti-Trump slander that he claims to have heard from some random nurse or friends of the family.

Biden continues on, he’s literally using the China-virus as a political weapon to slander and defame OUR sitting President, fucking shameless. He’s using the tragic death and gut-wrenching pain of real American’s to take jabs at Trump! And it’s all bullshit, nameless people, and fact less conversations, anyone can do this, watch!

I was talking with some close friends and credible journalist this morning, apparently, Joe Biden was sniffing some broad’s hair last week, when her old man and says, “Cut the shit, you frigging weirdo!”

Biden keeps on sniffin, like it was his new job or something, finally, he barks, “Hey buddy, you know who I am? Joseph Mother-bleeping Biden, you cockroach. I’ll sniff all of your ladies’ hair, your wife, your mamma, and your cute high school daughter’s hair, guess what? You’ll do squat, I’ll take you out back and drain your pond, bozo.”