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Why is Joe Biden a Low-life scumbag? Part 2

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Why is Joe Biden a complete low-life scumbag, to answer this question, a full-length book would need to be considered? I will just touch upon the most relevant and condemning evidence, as I write this, Joe’s most recent moral deficiencies are glaring, glaring like the glow of a white-hot poker.

Joe Biden, "Smelling her hair was consensual, Jack! What are you a cocaine junkie?"

He’s a lying sack of shit

Forget whether you’re a Trump supporter and you’re satisfied with what he’s accomplished over the past four years. This isn’t a compilation of reasons not to vote for Biden, rather, a cornucopia of evidence that gives credence to why he’s a low-life wart hanging from the bottom of Satan’s balls.

Joe’s contempt for the American public is evident by his brazen disinterest to conceal his frequent and repugnant misinformation dumps. Biden has fired off a shit-ton of salacious but more importantly, unsubstantiated claims defaming President Trump, the utter disregard for any consequences of his lies is difficult to quantify.

Joe asked, "You sure you ain't wearing a wire?"

How can a public figure, so relevant in the moment, risk his reported integrity by rattling off a bevy of lies every chance he gets? Most of the shit he fires off is easily rebuked with a simple Google search.

The answer becomes clear as a bumbling idiot’s drool if you’re able to comprehend the sinister role that the corrupt media plays in this absurd travesty. Recently, during one of his incensed rants, Biden outright suggested that President Trump called dead war veterans’ “losers” and “suckers” and none of the covering journalists even blinked an eye, let alone ask for verification.

The media doesn’t simply fail to verify the reckless misinformation that’s reported by Democrats, prior to its escaping out into the public air and received as authentic. Rather, the media is negligent and refuses to push-back on the scandalous narrative.

The biggest insult

Joe’s most offensive deception isn’t his unconvincing love for black people or the way he patronizes them, although it’s certainly some sickening shit. Without question, it’s the unbearable fantasy that crazy ole Joe purports about being a blue-collar “joe” from Scranton.

Born in 1807 err I mean 1942, Young Joe jr. was never in danger of missing a meal or selling his ass to pay the rent. Biden Sr. was a pretty big fish in a small but respectable sized pond, before moving the fam to Delaware.

Perhaps the former Veep didn’t have an ethnic maid and a stand-alone car port to house the Lambo, like many of the other sleazy politicians, but he made up for that in aces.

Biden, like most politicians, is a corrupt piece of shit, making money from insider knowledge and power from the positions that they hold. To this day, Mr. Biden cannot prove that he didn’t benefit from his son Hunter’s shifty hijinks in Ukraine or China.

Joe’s tired and fact-free schtick “the blue-collar jackass from Scranton” is just another piece of his fraudulent and ever-adapting persona, it’s a kick in the nuts to struggling Americans all too familiar with living week to week.

Biden’s five big Lies

The top half of the class my ass