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Why I Oppose President O

Why do I oppose Obama?

1. As a Christian, I am distressed by Mr. Obama’s dedication toward championing abortion, at any term! Mr. Obama refused to sign a bill that would give medical assistance to babies who survived botched abortions, without this bill they simply suffered until they expired. I believe, when people engage in sex, they should understand the risk, STD’s and pregnancy to name a couple. You are not forced to have sex, and abortion should not be a convenient birth control method.

2. As a fairly logical and informed American, I understand that terrorist do not want to be friends, they despise our culture and more importantly their countries are in such turmoil, they need a common enemy to bond them. Mr. Obama has done many things to appease them, and they only see that as weakness, and thus still attack us. Due to the President’s newly adopted rules of engagement, soldiers are dying out there, and that is heartbreaking.

3. When the President was over in Europe, he talked about The United States unfairly; he apologized several times for what he believed were our shortcomings. Whether he was correct or not, it was perceived as a sign of weakness and shook our allies. President Obama also left Poland, hanging out to dry because of his fear of Putin. Now the Ukraine and Georgia are in play. Obama’s decision to scrap our missile defense has fundamentally changed the game in Europe, for the worse, we should be very concerned.

4. I oppose the President’s medaling in the auto industry, when the government touches something it dies. The biggest joke is the debacle in the inner cities, for decades liberal democrats have siphoned in tax payer dollars while they systematically obliterated the African American family. Through their bizarre social engineering they have created fatherless families, disease, and murder. They keep the inner cities designed this way to keep endless funds coming in, with which they line their pockets and create bogus jobs with premium health care benefits. Use your heads, all the money these liberals squandered on the inner cities, and they are still in decline, IT’S A SCAM!

I hope you are getting the picture; I oppose Mr. Obama because he and his cronies, his white liberal followers, his black liberal followers, are destroying this remarkable country. The African American community, for the most part, is socially conservative. Most are Christian, most believe a marriage is between a man and a woman, and most believe in the sanctity of life. The resistance against President Obama consists of American’s made up from every creed and color, who believe the government is far two enormous and mustn’t get any larger. This movement need’s strong black brother’s and sister’s, without them it will fail. God Bless