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Why do Liberals like abortion?

One of the most memorable constitutional break downs in American history, 1973s Roe v Wade decision, will be cherished by our Nations left wing radicals for eternity. In 1973, Jane Roe, catylist of America’s modern day amoral socialist movement, convinced The United States Supreme Court to legalize abortion. With the Supreme Courts decision, liberal democrats, who until then could only capitalize on black Americas fear for votes, found a new wealth of people to exploit, inconvenienced mothers and the men who support them. I will expose compassion and a womans right to choose, as a feel good fallacy perpetrated by liberals in the early days of disco, to hide their affinity for legalized abortions.

Since that fateful day in 1973, over 44 million babies have been killed, sites the Pro Action Family Group. What is more notable is the fact that the same research also suggest that 33% of the woman who are getting abortions, are between the ages of 25-29. This is a convenient fact, considering the United States Census Bureau states that women around the age of twenty five are increasingly going to the polls to vote, these voters are projected to grow upwards of 25 million. This is an effective number of pre determined liberal support.

Ultra left wing liberals, like Barack Obama, will support abortion at any cost, in order to protect their substantial voting base. Baracks refusal to sign the Born Alive Infant Act, shows extreme callas towards what some refer to as our most precious gift, infant children. The Born Alive Infant Act, protects the right of little babies who survive botched abortions, most of whom are tiny Down Syndrome children.

This bill was brought before the Senate Judiciary Committe, after a young nurse found a new born left to die in a soiled linen closet. The Samaritan nurse held the baby in her arms , while its lung burned with every breath of new unfamiliar oxygen, until it expired 45 minutes later. When this bill was to be presided on, Obama simply voted present. Unfortunately for infants across America and the people who cherish them, Baracks lack of compassion and desperation to keep millions of morally confused woman Democrat, our most precious gifts still cannot receive the life saving health care they need when they miraculously survive a botched abortion.

One of the most intriguing facts, is that most woman who make the decision to terminate their babies life, are increasingly deciding to keep their children and let them have a chance at life. This positive trend is probably due to the diligence of Christians across America, fighting tooth and nail to expose what they refer to as an epidemic of unconscionable acts. The American Family Association, is just one of the groups dedicated to ending what they fear will become all out Infanticide. They sponsor a doner program that helps young women discover alternatives to abortion.

Life Doner Care indicates that 70% of women whom they have contact with are leaning toward having an abortion. After the counselors have a chance to speak with them, one on one, they report that nine out of ten usually decide on the side of life. Care Net is only able to continue their vital success with small donations of twenty four dollars from caring people.

Planned parenthood, the institute some refer to as the number one killer of unborn and post born babies, receives millions of tax payer dollars, as reported by Life News. Joe Biden, Obamas choice for vice presidential running mate, routinely supports tax payer funded abortions. One of the many downsides to that of course, are the millions of tax paying citizens who believe that abortion is nothing short of convenient legalized murder. Life News also reported as recently as February 2008, Biden voted against an amendment that would perminatly discontinue tax payer funded abortions at Indian Care health services.

This desperate attempt to to stop the funding that would eliminate abortions funded by Medicaid, except in the instances of rape, incest, or the mothers health, was forted by a number of other Republicans and Democrats whose conscience wouldn’t allow them to support forced tax payer abortion.

In another attempt to spread hard working Americans money, Biden advocated for tax payer money to be spent over seas for terminating unwanted pregnancies. Radical liberal, Barack Obama, the most leftward leaning Senator in United States, describes the American Family Association Journal, vowed to support Roe v Wade, avidly during his presidency.

January 2007 was Jane Roes 34th anniversary, in overturning the states of Texas’s law against abortion. Although Barack Obama was a young man at that pivotal time in history, just as he was when William Ayers bombed the Pentagon, he and other far left liberals continue to reap the rewards of their spoils.

Republicans, whose majority of base supporters are strongly against all aspects of abortion, do not have the luxury afforded to liberal democrats, provided by innocent babies who are aloof to their mothers desire to terminate their existence. This ensures the left of millions of predictable votes every four years. Christian social conservatives along with other people with precieved strong moral axioms, make up a huge percentage of the Republican party.

The Weekly Standard claims that 55 % of the Republican party describes themselves as social conservatives. This percentage puts the right side of American politics at quite a disadvantage every forth November. The Weekly Standard also points out, John McCain, the Republican nominee for President, is a conservative, logicaly ensuring the fact that he will not receive many of the pro-abortion votes. Although McCain is not as conservative as most “righties” would like, he did suggest life begins at conception, recently at the Sattleback Forum debate with Barack Obama. With this trend of abortion advocates voting Democrat, it is no wonder why Liberals like abortion.