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Why ask Why?

Has anyone asked themselves why the US is getting involved in Syria? The Obama administration and their media would like us to believe that it’s purely a humanitarian action. The narrative goes: President Assad is just indiscriminately and unjustly bathing in the blood of the Syrian citizens who are actively seeking freedom from his despotic rule. If they can manage an escape from under Assad’s thumb, they will be free at last to live peaceful loving lives…..

This is a fictional story at best, a nefarious lie to seize strategic control and wealth for the progressive global elite’s, most likely. Obama just officially committed US taxpayer dollars to fund the rebellion, that has covertly been going on for sometime now. The American citizen is thousands of miles away weathering a recession and a staggeringly high unemployment rate. White Americans are increasingly finding themselves accosted by lawless gangs of rampaging blacks, while the Obama media remains oblivious. Black unemployment is skyrocketing past the dismal rate it was when George Bush was bombing foreign countries. Homosexuals are being played as pawns for the democrat party to ensure the vote, while also serving as the progressives poison pill in the murder of the American  family.

Why is no one filling criminal charges against this administration for allowing foreign entities to invade this sovereign nation and commit economic, criminal, and social terrorist acts daily! Is it because we are focused on which progressive will win the White House? Or is it because we are busy impeaching our President for unconstitutionally hemorrhaging millions and millions of US taxpayer dollars to support the murderous insurgents in Syria?