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White Suicide, a Global Directive

This is our country now whitey!

I must preface the following rant by pointing out that since the dawn of time, man has engaged in mortal combat for many reasons, not the least of which was to occupy new land. Surprisingly, this phenomenon of conquering and claiming new real estate is not specifically practiced by the white man or European nations.

Unlike most of history’s great conquerors, the tenacious Americans did not subjugate their enemy or inflict mass atrocities upon the defeated Indian tribes.

Why is it that only white American’s are labeled as thieves? Are their spoils of war are somehow less legitimate than other conquerors?

The Zulu Kingdom in Africa, until 1879 when they were subdued by the British, was a ruthless empire that often attacked its neighbors.  The Zulu’s are culpable in killing innocent civilians and defenseless masses, they have engaged in genocide.

Other conquerors that were never informed their conquests were illegitimate.

We must give our enemy their cities back, it’s only right

The Achaemenid Empire, the Roman Empire, the Caliphate, the Mongolian Empire, the Zulu Empire, the Japanese Empire, the Spanish Empire…..

What about Mexico? Shouldn’t they relinquish the entire country to the indigenous Indians of that region?

So when some cry-baby SJW contends that the country they so freely shower with indignation actually belongs to the indigenous people, I say, “Who the fuck did they take it from and why are you so concerned?”.

In the United States the radical left routinely claims that “white men” stole this land from the peaceful injuns, which is purely propaganda, intended to marginalize our sovereignty and thwart nationalism. When the left fraudulently establishes that the “United States stole this land” it becomes easier to justify unlawful migration and a borderless nation.

In fact, we fought for this land and won decisively, thus deserving the right to construct a nation, just as those that we fought had previously done, before we stomped their asses. The conquest of the United States was significantly beneficial to the entire world’s inhabitance and greatly contributed toward snuffing out barberry and cruel suffering.

Don’t worry Indian, my ancestors will fuck things up.

Why must natural born citizens of the United States accept massive numbers of foreigners, low information people that are oblivious to the principles that Americans hold dear, penniless free-loaders whose contempt for this great nation is palpable; they compromise our safety and way of life.

Global Suicide

Almost every nation established by white European men is blindly plummeting down the slope to oblivion, plagued with identical cataclysmic immigration policies forced down their throats by trusted officials.

European nations are being weakened by the self-harming policies enacted by wealthy officials, corrupt officials whose neighborhoods will not become rape zones or enclaves of Middle Eastern states. Forced migration to water down white European nations is a global directive, leaders from France, Briton, Spain, Sweden, and their neighbors, are taking it upon themselves to undo their respective countries.

Clean up our yard before we can help clean our neighbor’s yard.

In the United States, for example, over 40 million of the existing native population lives in poverty. Scholars suggest that 100 million Americans live “near poverty” and fourteen percent of Americans claim to be uninsured.

We have distressing issues with homelessness, rampant drug addiction, and with common degenerates exhibiting some untreated mental health afflictions. It doesn’t make sense to forgo treatment for those dregs on society in favor of some foreign dregs.

Both legal and illegal immigration has an adverse affect on black communities.

Most sober Americans with a functioning cortex understand the abysmal state that a vast number of black Americans subsist in today. The education system is failing them and a majority of other Americans too, encouraging further liabilities to cross the border is definitely unreasonable, it exacerbates every existing negative issue.

We are welcoming to our shores a needy class of humans from failed nations, most of whom will require resuscitation and permanent life support. They will make everything that’s bad worse, they have ZERO upsides. Shouldn’t we get our shit together first, before we incur more hardship?

It is primarily wealthy white folks from the left that have so feverishly demanded the absorption of poverty stricken brown people from broken countries, ironically those very people are comfortably insulated from the chaos that these foreigners bring with them.

The mass integration of bottom feeders, that have ZERO admiration for Americanism, will wreak havoc on middle & lower class communities, with crime and repressive tax implementation.

So why are we not protecting our valuable sovereignty?

The logical response to this coordinated effort would be to ask… “Why the hell are these career politicians so adamant about saturating our population with poor brown people from impoverished nations? Western leaders permeate towns and cities with foreigners that contribute ZERO to the existing populations, a majority of whom require the FULL-BOAT state aid (Food, healthcare, and housing) to exist. Why?”

This phenomenon is hardly unique to the United States; countries across Europe are enduring the same ludicrous process, with disastrous results.

Western leaders participating in this movement are solely responsible for this self-inflicted wound, which will eventually become infected and progress into a mortal wound. 

Why is this being allowed to happen?

It doesn’t take a savant to recognize the treasonous collusion that hard left politicians are engaged in, although some might question why any Americans would comply with and promote this egregious policy.

The United States is a nation fought for and settled by white European men, this doesn’t mean that the current population of non-whites isn’t welcome. It’s actually racist to enact policies aimed at destroying or replacing the white hierarchy. (and suicidal)