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White Slavery (revised)

White Slavery

Slavery affected every race

Contrary to the foul-smelling bull-jive of what’s been fed to the cerebrally challenged masses, slavery wasn’t concocted in the cold and damp cellars of America’s sadistic white founders.

The anti-America movement, with a vice-like grip on media, academia, and pop culture, disseminates an inaccurate and rather insidious illustration of the daring men that settled this great nation.

Virtually, any accurate or unmolested depiction of early U.S. history has been removed from the American mainframe and revised into a political weapon, used to target whites, and delegitimize their iconic ancestors.


Slavery wasn’t exclusively a “black thang”, rather, enslaving fellow humans was a barbaric past-time enjoyed by the earliest civilizations and still burns beneath a secretive vale, throughout several non-white nations today.

After the viciously throttling Thebes in 335 BC, Alexander the Great sold the entire remaining population into slavery. Although they were fellow Greeks, the Theban’s rolled the dice in a desperate attempt to regain their former glory and lost, enslaving ones defeated adversary was a common practice throughout history.

Still, this factual evidence doesn’t hinder a substantial number of blacks from believing they’re owed monetary compensation for the suffering of folks that shared the same skin color, well over a century ago.

The truth that people are afraid to mention.

Americans that descended from slaves should be thanking the gods of shit-luck, had fellow Africans not sold their ancestors to the U.S, then they might be basking in the violence and poverty in some underdeveloped nation, under the blistering African sun.

Reparations is a logistical impossibility, an insurmountable task, yet unscrupulous politicians continue to assure blacks that they are indeed victims and deserving of a payday.

Let’s look at some disheartening facts that might burst the spit bubble of quite a few of these drooling dipshits.

  • Only 4-6 percent of African slaves came to America, most of them were shipped to South America, Brazil in particular.
  • Slavery existed for thousands of years before its very brief history in the United States.
  • The first Africans to arrive on North American soil were predated by white European slaves.
  • Only 25 percent of Southerners owned black slaves
  • White slaves in Colonial America were treated with an equal amount of disdain and violence as the Africans that would follow in their footsteps.

Attempting to compile facts and research for this article was exceedingly difficult, the internet super-highway was more comparable to an overgrown path, slowed by the presence of factual quicksand.

When information was available, enslaving whites was more-or-less labeled as servitude or serfdom, which was bullshit. A slave is a slave, when a fellow human-being owns you and works you to the bone, keeping you in line with violence and intimidation, you’re a fucking slave.

We certainly don’t qualify other tragedies like rape, imagine that…

“Oh, she had an easy rape, the perp was clean and handsome and it went rather quick, so it wasn’t really rape” or “Well she was asking for it, she was dressed like a slut and put herself in that position.”

Were these European slaves from Ireland?

As deplorable as the Irish were viewed at one time in the States, most of the white slaves were plucked off the streets throughout decrepit neighborhoods in Britain.

Misfits, criminals looking for a commuted sentence, suckers that bought the crooked promises of an American dream and plain-old unfortunate losers were the earliest slaves in America.

The enjoyable little book by Chris Masterson, White Slavery in Colonial America, described the plethora of ways that Europeans, mostly unsavory Brit’s, were cajoled into providing free labor to satisfy the fledgling nations voracious appetite for expansion.

The book detailed a boozehound tipping back some spirits only to awaken the next morning chained to a foul-smelling puke from the gallows. The 1600s was a desperate time in England, many lower-class individuals were aptly labeled as villeins, a term that would later morph into villains, or so the book says.

One book, that is perhaps, leaps and bounds better than White Slavery in Colonial America is White Cargo by Don Jordan, it provides scholarly detail and significantly more information.

White Cargo dives into a more substantial look at white slavery in early America and if more children were taught ACTUAL American history in school today, white guilt would be effectually marginalized.

The entire premise of “black struggle” is assembled and wound into motion based upon garbage information and half-truths, the cold reality remains, man has always been capable and willing to inflict immense cruelty upon his fellow man throughout history.

However, brave men and a tremendous amount of providence always seem to correct the course and humanity tends to learn from its mistakes. The United States has never known more equality amongst races than at this moment and that’s not necessarily a complement.

As more value is being placed upon the bottom line and loyalty and principles no longer trump greed, most wealthy men of fortune would opt to partner with Satan if it would produce favorable results. To conclude that “the system” favors anyone, especially whites, because of their color, is actually giving “the man” far too much credit.

An ancient practice