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White guy of the week

It’s not hate to simply celebrate

White Guy of the Week

Every week we will celebrate a random white guy who exemplifies greatness in one way or the other, a man that stands above his peers. This man does not need to be infallible, there is no Earthly men that can possibly meet that standard. White Guy of the Week, simply observes a fellow white man, alive or dead, that through dedication, discipline, hard-work, or innovation should be recognized.

In the United States, we have black history month, Latino appreciation month, and plenty of other shit that recognizes every race and gender but the white male, how can this be good for future generations of young boys of European descent?

The greatest man in Football

White guy of the week: Tom Brady

Although he wasn’t jackrabbit fast or didn’t have any flashy gimmicks, Brady was determined and had a shit-ton of work ethic

The big machine: why Biden must be stopped

A vote for Joe Biden isn’t merely a vote against Donald Trump, in fact, it’s…

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