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White Guy of the Week: President Trump

Fighting for American's

As a young man, adults often referenced Ronald Reagan as being the benchmark for those entering the office, but I was too young for Reagan to make a recognizable impact in my life. The subsequent cycle of American Presidents was very disappointing, they all shared a common thread and served in the office as impotent Washington automatons.

Every president up to, and including Obama, claimed that they represented their party’s constituents, however, stark reality proved them contemptuous of the American citizenry and beholden to a dark and ominous master.

Their genuine motivation lay just beneath a well-crafted, superficial exterior of bullshit, they were vacuous opportunists and egomaniacs, standing behind whatever issue brought them closer to the “win”.

Americans couldn’t stomach these frauds, these “B” actors, they were leasing the American dream to China, flooding our communities with needy migrants, and volunteering our young men to the Military-Industrial Complex, to spend as human fodder in senseless foreign wars.

Until 2016

I never believed that I would be saying this, but Donald Trump, the man, the myth, and the legend, is without a doubt, the real deal, and thus, The White Guy of the Week.

Mr. Trump first established himself on the edges of my periphery during the brutal 2016 Republican primary, while I didn’t consider myself to be a Republican, the thought of giving the White House keys to the Clinton Crime family again was terrifying.

American’s hire Donald Trump to defeat the Establishment

Immediately upon entering office, President Trump man-handled the pathetic R.I.N.O.’s running the Republican party and grabbed the wheel, breathing new life into the withering party on the right. In those initial moments, some Republicans graciously conformed, some resisted out of self-preservation, and some continued to decay in irrelevancy.

President Trump fights for USA

The consensus was, American’s elected Trump as a big “fuck you” to the corrupt Washington culture that was deeply entrenched in office, fat, and glutinous, they comfortably continued to push the status quo.

American’s had grown tired of the bloated, greedy establishment politicians and their broken promises. The under-handed opportunist that had suddenly soured in the mouth of many Americans throughout the decades, sadly inflicting significant damage upon this nation.

A wealthy organization of shit-heels from both parties, void of defining principles and beliefs, establishmentarians are driven by greed and self-gratification. Case in point, warmongers like John McCain, who from the comfort and safety of his palatial bubble, ordered the brutal death of the poor and defenseless, by the tens-of-thousands.

The entire apparatus of swindlers and thieves that were defiling our great nation and “locking-in” on free-thinking and independent citizens have conspired to fan the flames beneath Trump’s feet.

Immune to the viper’s venom

The President’s internal fortitude is an admirable trait, the drive to fulfill his duty and rescue every American that called on him in 2016 was freakishly never deterred. Democrats attacked him from every side, cheered on by anti-Trump Republicans, and justified by their groupies in the press.

History will reveal the irreversible damage that was inflicted by Democrats someday, ranking officials reduced to propagating lies about our President, they told us that Trump was an authoritarian, a Russian asset, a Putin fanboy, a racist, and a misogynist, all of which was validated and furthered by a complicit media.

The degree to which they have submerged themselves in the filth and toxic rot, obsessing over Trump’s removal, will forever define this President as the “Peoples Champion”.

President Trump refused to submit; even as supposed allies were paralyzed by fear, reduced to watching from a distance and wetting in their jockey’s.

What kept President Trump motivated? Why was he so determined to protect American sovereignty, punish our mortal enemy in the East, and fight for our way of life? What inspired him to come out and keep swinging, whenever the bell would ring?

Above all, Donald Trump is a patriot, he is the first President in my lifetime that worked tirelessly to accomplish every single campaign promise, despite all the blow-back from the crooked establishment.

President took on “big pharma”, the Military-Industrial Complex, “big tech”, shady Republican “yes men “and slimy Democrat insiders, almost single-handedly.

To be honest, I can’t understand why in the hell he is even fighting for this bullshit election,  four year’s this country has let this guy take the arrows and abuses. I guess that’s what makes Donald Trump a better man than I, he fights for every American, whether you’re a fellow patriot or a cowardly douche bag.

God bless you Donald Trump.

Let’s get him girls…Remember, go for the BALLS!


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