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White guy of the week: Michael a. batio

Well he won’t seduce any hot babes with his looks, he’s not aesthetically palatable, however, this virtuoso has enough bonafide talent in one hand to hall in buckets of grade A broads, despite his kooky nerd-like profile.

His name is Michael Angelo Batio, the son of an Italian father and German mother, he drips with an inescapable ooze that scream’s “I am the eighties”. Batio is much more than an aged and weathered 80’s metal head, he is a super-shredder and dynamic innovator, whose focus and discipline have made him a master guitarist.

Batio with his infamous quad-guitar

Much like most of the uber-techno-talents on electric guitar, M.A.B. never quite adapted into the commercial mainstream, however, he had some brief stints with a couple metal bands. He is primarily recognized for his videos, teaching his insanely fast picking techniques, and masterfully playing the double and quad neck guitars.

The cup-cake king

Mike is ambidextrous and can violently shred with the left or the right, what’s amazing is how technically sound and precise he remains, even after reaching super-sonic speeds. Unlike most of his guitar-shredding counter parts such as “fat-ass” Yngwie Malmsteen, (right) Batio is not only extremely legible, his playing is melodic and catchy.

M.A.B. with his band Nitro