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White Guy of the Week: Kyle Rittenhouse

Teen mistreated

High profile killer or just high school student?

High profile killer or high school student?

Although this young man can barely be described as a guy, he’s really just a kid, we must recognize his keen survival response and dedication to his principles.

In a sane world, Kyle Rittenhouse would be freely enjoying life as a seventeen-year-old and Kenosha would be miles behind him.

Instead, his refusal to buckle under, has forced him to incur the full weight of the corrupt establishment.

Kyle narrowly survived a severely traumatic event, the likes of which has left battle tested soldiers with life altering P.T.S.D. If that weren’t enough, Kyle’s alone and isolated, in an unforgiving den of depravity, surrounded by parasites and opportunistic sociopaths.

Toothless law enforcement agencies leave taxpayers unprotected

A dark undercurrent is eroding away the foundation of our nation, bringing chaos and uncertainty to Democrat-run cities across America. An innocent man, that happen to be a Trump-supporter, was shot dead at close range by Michael Reinoehl, a BLM piece of shit.

In 2020, several cities were overrun by violent extremist from the hard-left faction of the Democrat party, they demolished private property and terrorized hard-working Americans. Unabated, they ransacked our private citizens life work and demolished great historical monuments that paid homage to our past.

If police and elected officials were fulfilling their duties, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse and his buddies would have never been put in such a regretful situation.

As of November 2nd, Rittenhouse remains inaccessible to any type of meaningful consolation from his loving family or friends, the state has slapped a 2-million-dollar bond on his ass. It’s an ironic time, the left has ordered their underling officials to release offender’s without bail, yet a teen with zero criminal history is tightly locked away.

In no-bail counties, too often violent thugs are instantly released only to continue on with their unfinished crime spree.

A high school student walks through hell to assist a stranger.

The night that Kyle was forced to blow away two violent attackers in Kenosha, a suburb of Milwaukee, the city had been under siege by leftist rioters. Young Rittenhouse had been well aware of the destruction and chaos that was under way, it had been a common theme throughout several Democrat-run cities in our nation.

Kyle, along with other concerned citizens, traveled to Kenosha attempting to protect fellow countrymen and the lively hood that they worked so hard to secure. At an age when so many entitled teens are tethered to their momma’s bosom, Kyle and other principled Americans refused to let their iconic inheritance (the country) crumble to shit before their eyes, not on their watch!

Although still in high school, Kyle didn’t let that hinder his resolve to answer the call when he and his buddies were asked to assist. As in other cities during that time, police were just about relegated to the role of toothless bystander, armless and legless droopy-eyed bystanders.                                                                                                                                                    (to steal a line from Charlie Sheen)          

The first death: Joseph Rosenbaum  

The first “tough guy” that Kyle laid to waste was Rosenbaum, a rioter that was suspected of attempting to torch several privately owned businesses. A video release shows Rosenbaum and other members of the rabid mob chasing Kyle down, they were armed with bats and other weapons.

Rosenbaum apparently caught up to Kyle and proceeded to wrestle for Kyles AR-15, with no other choice, Kyle had to light his ass up. Several witnesses attest to Rosenbaum lunging at Kyle and grabbing at his weapon.

After defending himself, the concerned high school student was not out of danger, not by a big stretch. The moments after the shooting accurately define Kyle’s character and confirm the selfless nature of his intentions, before continuing his escape from the bloodthirsty mob, Kyle tried to call 911.

Death number two:

After Kyle called 911 to report the shooting, mob members began to converge and the unnerving threats for violence followed, the chase was on. Kyle was clearly not the average pimple-popping teen, however, being isolated from “friendly’s” and surrounded by raging rioters, he must have felt overwhelmed.

Relentlessly tracked and hunted down like a prey item, Kyle had momentarily lost his footing and fell to the ground, he was hit several times as rioters attempted to disarm and destroy him. No one would shamelessly heckle an average teen for soiling his jockeys at this point, however, Kyle kept his composure and then some.

Frightened and outnumbered, Kyle was then assaulted by Anthony Huber, a 26-year-old shitbird with an affinity for domestic abuse, Huber’s intentions were quite evident as he attempted to pulverize Kyle with his skateboard and steal his weapon.

Anthony Huber

Suddenly another thug, armed with a gun, began to bare down on Kyle and he was left with no other choice but to put one in Huber’s chest, a fatal shot. Subsequently, he wounded the gun-wielding thug by blasting him in the arm, rendering his pursuer neutralized.

It’s sad when any young man dies, even those like Huber with a laundry list of offenses, including attempted suffocation, abuse, and disorderly conduct. When the evening concluded, Kyle Rittenhouse was regretfully forced to snuff out two young men and injure one, in situations like this everyone loses.

Homicide charge?

This begs the question, why is Kyle Rittenhouse being held on a two-million-dollar bond? Video evidence and eye-witness testimony contradict a homicide charge, so why is this injustice allowed to continue?

I’ve been asked what makes Kyle Rittenhouse a hero. More importantly, why is he The White Guy of the Week?

Simple, he heard the cry for help, from a fellow American and then he selflessly answered the call, despite understanding the risk involved. In this strange time, there’s a plentitude of young men like Kyle who are only motivated by approval from their dipshit peers or Facebook likes. Many new American men, to fly off the generational assembly lines are emasculated wimps, lacking the vital hormone which is required to make a principled stand.

Kyle Rittenhouse has resisted a distressing sickness that has affected many of our young men, maybe he has competent parents, possibly, but that would be rare. Perhaps his parents were privy to the critical need for consistency and quality involvement in his life, maybe they were capable of providing the necessary advice or the proper influence.

Whatever it was, one things for certain….

Kyle Rittenhouse is our White Guy of the friggin Week!


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