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When the Right isn’t right

Assuming our republican politicians have an IQ higher than let’s say dirt, why would they propose such idiocy? They are pushing the narrative that in order to increase the square footage of the electoral tent they must sellout a degree or two. They are cautiously persuading us (the right) that the only way an R will regain the White House, is if we go a little fag, not all the way, but a bit. But, excuse me, however, if the republican partly (sp OK) goes full fuckin’ force, they will garner nothing. If the following list of proposals, were they to be requested by the republican partly, were made, the net total of converts would be zero.
  1. Grant absolute amnesty.
  2. Personally perform gay marriage.
  3. Go green.
  4. Purge the party by 50% of its wrinkled pastey whites, replaced by black lesbian women in wheelchairs. (that covers 4 traits trump to white man)
  5. Create and support draconian gun laws.
  6. Etc, Etc,
So put your thinking cap on. If the republican partly adopted these ridiculous 5 ideals to their platform, how much would they gain? Almost zero. So if 1+1 =2, 5+2 =7, then why are they pretending to believe the right must be flexible? Why? Because the republican partly isn’t right thinking at all, they are progressives.


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Adder Puff