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When life begins…

When does life begin? That is very uncomplicated, life begins when the we start growing. We as Christians need to respect all life, protecting the most feeble. If at conception life did not begin, then why would there be any moral dilemma, when considering whether to terminate? If for one second, we feel reservations, it is for a reason. If there is any hesitation, then there is doubt, if there is doubt, why not error on the side of caution.

My pastor recently proposed the idea that if abortion were to be made illegal, desperate women would resort to back ally abortions, risking injury. In what other in stance does society afford a murderer a well payed doctor to assist their deed? That what abortion is, it is the murder of a being.

The worth of life cannot be dictated by the living beings capacity of cognitive thought. If it is, who decides what level of awareness validates a life that is worth protecting. Should Kieth Oberman be worried?


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