The Far Right Report

Preserve Our European Heritage

Multiculturalism buried Rome, long before its funeral.

Before Rome reached colossal proportions and imbibed a consequential number of foreign subjects, it consisted of several tribes recently freed from the ruling kings of Etruscan royalty.

From the earliest stages, Rome valued freedom and democracy, demanding a particular way of life for its citizens and although they had some deep divisions, the betterment of the nation was never in question.

Roman Virtus


“Cling fast to (virtus), I beg you men of Rome, it is a heritage that your ancestors bequeathed you. All else is false and doubtful, ephemeral and changeful; only virtus stands firmly fixed, its roots run deep, it can never be shaken by any violence, never moved from its place.”

At the core of Roman culture were certain values that were specific to the people and this naturally induced a sense of exceptionalism and pride.

Romans fiercely promoted Constantia, an innate sense of purpose and determination that was rigorously practiced by every good citizen, it was one of the defining characteristics that belonged to the original Romans.

Romans also shared a deep respect for divine order and sense of duty, they were extremely proud of their people and country.

Like most dominant civilizations, Roman culture was guided by a healthy respect for masculinity, they understood the values indicative to men such as War and Conquest, Law and Administration, Governing, Reasoning and Ethics, Ect.

When in Rome

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, I’m sure everyone is familiar with this statement, it was a reflection of a proud people, from common pleb’s up to influential aristocrats, they were delighted to transform barbarians and foreigners into revered Roman citizens.

Their attempt to let outliers in on something substantial was categorically naive, these strangers could never really adopt Roman superiority and they’d eventually succumb to the biological urge for elevating their kind, usually at the expense of their gracious hosts.

Rome was dead before it ever lost on the battlefield, a countries strength is in its identity and common loyalties, although possible, it defies nature to defile your people or land.

A strong nation must remain sovereign & ethnically homogenous, or die from the inside out.  -AV

Migrants poured into the Empire and permeated its institutions, thus diluting the parent culture and infecting it with unappealing affectations. Romans mistakenly believed that people were interchangeable and foreigners would be loyal by default.

Especially after being offered the opportunity to become a full-fledged Roman, the most preferable people on Earth.

Take Warning!

People of all  Western nations, your culture is your identity and without an identity, you cease to exist.

There is an expanding amount of catastrophic consequences directly attributed to marginalizing our culture in an attempt to accommodate failed third-world customs and quasi-values.

Why aren’t Westerners extremely troubled by being reduced to “puppets of shame”, too pathetically timid to forcefully declare that, “This is our country and this is how we live, assimilate or leave, we fucking demand it. Our children will inherit the same great nation as our grandfathers died to provide for us.”

Don’t be naive, mass immigration, by today’s lack of standards, is nothing less than your replacement, it’s war!