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Shouldn’t the Coronavirus have originated in Mexico, not China?

Dis virus no good

The NewYork Times reports that as of January 30th, 2020,  China is reporting 170 dead from the Coronavirus, usually, this news outlet accurately publishes the facts, especially if there is no need to propagandize reports with their liberal bias.

Assuming that the Chinese have only recorded 170 dead from the latest super-virus, however, there’s a growing conspiracy theory that thousands are actually deceased in the largest Asian country, they are keeping this under wraps along with the rumblings of a rogue government-funded bio-weapon mistakenly loose within the Chinese public.

Is the American public really that stupid? Democrats are.

How young boys view Adam Schiff

It is the third day that House managers are taking questions in the Senate, the digital coverage reveals that Democrats’ questions & answers are becoming increasingly pointed and outlandish.

Adam Schiff, in particular, has been using previously scripted and loaded questions to sharply criticize the President and further his factless accounts of an imaginary quid pro quo.

CNN passes a milestone

It is the 1105th consecutive day that the unofficial press-wing of the Democrat party, CNN, has reported at least one negative hit-piece on President Trump or his administration.  The cable news organization has followed a strict policy of refusing to publish any information that might show Trump in a positive light, attempting to preserve their integrity by not “muddying the waters” by reporting any of the President’s unprecedented accomplishments.

Don Lemon laughs at Southerners, I’m sure that his husbands proud.