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What if…

What if….

There were a surreptitious society of wealthy bankers, whose appetite for supreme dominion was insatiable, they would sacrifice nations at the alter of their God, and hoard resources, starving cultures and perverting societies. These oligarchs would broker wars and build countries, contriving hostile take overs and mass murder, from the cover of the darkness in which they silently occupy.

They would begin to orchestrate an economic and social coup, in which a great nation would be violently driven to it’s knees. Installing a Presidential candidate, who would be marketed and manufactured by elaborate polling data, intricate deceptions, and millions of untraceable dollars; all packaged by a willing accomplice in the elite main stream media. The puppet President, would be a young ideological automaton, with a enormous messianic complex, naive enough to believe his agenda could be fulfilled if only slightly compromised by that of the oligarchs.

What if Christians, the founders of this nation on fire, refused to compromise their basic principles or trusted moral axiom. Physicians refused to carry out the barbaric procedure of selective termination (abortion). Taxpayers demanded that their hard earned income wouldn’t go to fund art, that defiles their creator or social reeducation programs. What if Christians required that their children learn the fundamentals of the Ten Commandments in public school and rediscover the Lords prayer?

The Oligarchs would soon realize that Christians are held accountable to something greater than government or a cult of personality. Though they wield the influence to intentionally dismantle an economy and hold it’s citizenry hostage, providing only solutions contrived from an agenda of absolute control, minimal freedom or no freedom, decide; righteous Christians cannot be persuaded to live “Of the world”.
There will be no other recourse, for the wealthy elite, other than the utter destruction of the people who call Christ, Lord. In the beginning of persecution, the appointment of radical judges that legislate from the bench, will be implemented. This will ensure homosexuality becomes a civil right. Severe sentences will be handed down to religious leaders who refuse to cower in the shadows, and preach appeasement.

Through the entertainment medium, Christians will be attacked and portrayed as heartless villains. Those opposed to bias conditioning, will be silenced by the unconstitutional legislation passed down by the court. Erroneous law suits will virtually eliminate the word God from the English language, at first monetary and finally criminal liability will be employed.

In these times, Christian hospitals will be abandon, closed down due to the costly litigation that ensues when physicians refuse to perform abortions. Parochial schools will follow suit, receiving zero federal funding and also falling victim to frivolous law suits. In essence, fascism will seek to asphyxiate Christianity in America, replacing it with an aggressive police state, and laws reminiscent of those implemented by Woodrow Wilson in WW1, suppressing the anti-war movement.

Christians will find themselves congregating in detainment camps, courtesy of FEMA. At this point they will officially become enemies of the state, biding their time with the other enemy combatants like clergymen, teachers, doctors. Persecution of Christians and their sympathizers will be delegated by secret police. Covert para-military squads will be working in the shadows, while the puppet President and his administration publicly deny any association, and empathetically vow to quell the violence.

What if this scenario were to come to fruition? If I were to tell you that I wrote most of this several years ago, would that blow your mind? It does mine. The idea being, the further we progress into the future, the more relevant and less fantastic this becomes.


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