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What if……

What if… part two

And just what if this refreshing young face, powered by the media and the wealthy elite hiding in the shadows, erected a local and federal law enforcement unit that mascaraed as

a counter terror agency, but soon evolved into a civil disobedience force. These enforcers would monitor local churches, anything they viewed as hate speech coming from the pulpit would result in mass arrest.

The fairness doctrine would be enacted and then all our radio shows would be monitored, making sure that any opinion that opposed the new central government or its policies was immediately “corrected” by on air diatribe, in a ruse to keep OPINIONS fair. For every limited government conservative, the new European style leader would counter with a liberal Marxist opinion. This would balance any anti-establishment sentiment.

Abortions for under age teen mothers would be deemed a matter between them and their new surrogate parent, the state, disregarding parents from the equation. Abortion companies like Planned Parent Hood, soon advertise weekly termination specials. The government will give 1500 hundred dollars for any pre or post birth abortion, that will keep population regulated, thus keeping our environment cleaner and “greener”.

( more in depth in part three )

Special monetary reward will be given to those with their new found patriotism, that leads to the arrest of those who might deviate from our police state and defy its propaganda.

( more in depth in part three )

The heat in our homes will be regulated to 65 degrees. Money for groceries will no longer be needed, as the new President Obama will mail out vouchers with the determined amount of food and toiletry a family will be allowed to receive, according to its size and contribution to the government.

Employment will be made available and distributed to all, like it or not. Wages will be determined on social status, with no room for advancement, equal salaries, and a mandated amount of days worked or face a fine thats proceeds will be donated directly to the state.

Stay tuned for part three of

what if…..

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