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Western Culture Vs Black America

Times expired, we desperately need a Nationalist party now. We mustn’t become derailed by socialist, separatist, racist Nationalism, it fails. We must restore Western culture to The United States of America today. There is nothing constitutional or noble about unhinging our borders to become saturated by various failed cultures. Yes Failed! Why are they here? Forced diversity is diluting America and antagonizing its demise.
Not totally to blame are the new immigrants, systematically encouraged by government, academia, politicians, and Unholy-Wood to subvert their new culture by encouraging them to unpack their broken beliefs and set up shop.
Although this is not Mexico, Puerto Rico, The middle East, I can’t even say Africa because black culture is not African, newbies are coerced to feed the negative aspects of their prior land. This is politically strategic and expedient for the demonstratively nefarious progressive agenda. Empires have fallen, but were long since empty before the first cracks in the floor. The United States endured to divine magnificence, not by the wondrous array of various cultures with their dresses mended together. We secured dominance from the blood of free Englishmen procuring Western though, logic reasoning, and faith.
Our founders born of different countries, as opposite as black and white, pioneered the same new spoils of war and revolution, that of a free Western society and a free Western man. Being white never guaranteed a kindred spirit, Englishmen, Scottish men, Germans, French, Irish and etc, viewed each as a foreign race. For that matter the Catholics, Protestants, Calvinist, would never dream being white meant they were brothers.
What is Western culture? Westernization was derived from the traditions, values, philosophy, and European jurisprudence. Although not created by Christianity, early society was influenced by it and the pillars of its value and moral justices.
Political thought, reasoning, the notion of human rights, liberty, and freedom were all vital to the Western culture. Honorable discourse, justice, family value, all culminated from the best of what societies of Europe could offer.
Before the progressive cancer evolved so prominently, America was a thriving culture of Western identity. Free blacks, blacks, white slaves of servitude, free whites all suffered and toiled, but lived as westerners. Western culture became the American dream. Early black families, communities, leaders and advocates would not recognize the current black culture, that was so successfully mutilated by the progressive agents of ruin. Survival corralled early blacks together for safety and hopes of prosperity, yet they were individuals pioneering for liberty.
Today blacks are corralled by fear, fear of the black culture and the urban myth of white hate. The hungry cultural beast that they are forced to feed with their most sacred God given right, individuality. They have been manipulated to believe that the American dream is white, while the other fallacy of the psychosis being white is evil. Part of this clever ruse and skewing the vernacular is marginalizing the greatness of the Western Civilization by making it interchangeable with white civilization. Hence the pseudo justice of diversity.
Western Culture Vs Black America Part one
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