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Weinstein Will Die in Jail

Weinstein will soon visit the prison casting couch in his tightie-whities

Shamed Democrat and sex-pervert, Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years today, Weinstein who’s 67, will be an incontinent 90-year-old before he stops breathing in the stench of unwashed ass in the hoosgow. The movie mogul still has charges pending in L.A. and is currently waiting to be extradited.

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

Judge Burke, before issuing his sentence, told Weinstein that he will be formally registered as a sex offender.

For his conviction on the first-degree count of criminal sexual act, Weinstein was given 20 years in prison plus five years of supervised release. On the other convicted charge, third-degree rape, he was given three years in prison.

Weinstein’s attorney Donna Rotunno called the sentencing “obscene” in a press conference outside the courthouse. “Of course it’s too harsh. It’s ridiculous,” she said, speaking to reporters. “That number was obnoxious. There are murderers who will get out of court faster than Harvey Weinstein will. That number spoke to the pressure of movements in the public, that number did not speak to the evidence that came out in trial. That number did not speak to the testimony that we heard. That number did not speak to evidence, nor did it speak to justice,” she said. Adding, “We were looking for fairness and we didn’t get it.”

Before his sentencing, Weinstein — who opted not to testify during his New York sexual assault trial — address the judge. Speaking, in a low voice, of the women who have accused him of misconduct, he said, “I have great remorse for all of you. I have great remorse for all women.”

He added, “I really feel remorse for this situation. I feel it deeply in my heart.”

One ugly M Effer

Many free-thinking men find themselves in a quandary as a result of this homely hippo’s conviction, does the eradication of a filthy virus outweigh factual evidence and the scales of justice?

On the one hand, Weinstein is a bonafide creep and we all know that he wielded his power to secure sex from equally repugnant broads, broads who would service a cigar-smoking monkey to move up the ladder in Hollywood.

On the other hand, it was basically he(loosely) said she (loosely) said, with zero direct evidence, the judge and jury were obviously affected by the boisterous loud-mouths from the #meetoo movement.

Homely Rose

Rose McGowan, one of Harvey’s loudest accusers is reportedly stoked over the 23-year conviction. (below) McGowan and Weinstein’s supposed love child

He comes to the name Gene

How long before the Clinton machine forces him to commit suicide?