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Weinstein: Serial Raper or #Metoo Casualty?

I can't believe this is such a big deal

It’s fairly safe to label Harvey Weinstein a degenerate spawn, not birthed, but festered, from deep within the infected bowels of a creature born to Satan and you’d comfortably avoid a defamation lawsuit.

You’re going places, is it hot in here?

However, the waters get murky when similar, but less hideous reprobates accuse the Stein of rape, despite any direct or actual physical evidence.

GMA reports:

Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced former Hollywood producer, was found guilty of criminal sexual assault and of rape in the third degree in a New York court Monday. He was found not guilty of the more serious charges of predatory sexual assault and of rape in the first degree.

Woody’s wing man, fellow Jew & pick up artist Weinstein

Donna Rotunno and Damon Cheronis, Weinstein’s defense attorneys, said in a statement they will be filing an appeal, claiming there were “extremely troubling” “issues” with this trial.

Did any of the 80  supposed rape victims go directly to the authorities after suffering reprehensible degradation and humiliating sexual abuse? I can tell you what a fairly large number of these broads did do post being savaged by a revolting toad, they corresponded with him, purposed projects to him, and even voluntarily became his side-squeeze.

Taking the girls for icecream after an exhausting rape session

The most frightening perspective to emerge after Stien’s conviction reads as follows:

“Rape is rape whether it’s committed by a stranger in a dark alley or a domestic partner in a working relationship,” Vance said, adding that he owes “an immense debt” to the women who “had the courage beyond measure” to testify.

I only emailed him for 2 years following the attack

This further supports the theory that whenever an angry or scorned female can’t illicit what she wants by rubbing on a man naked, which is the usual tool of leverage, she will simply yell rape.

Creepy Harvey courting young female


Is that your ring finger in my ass?


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