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Weekly Brief o3/11/12

Obama confused on earmarks

It’s difficult to imagine a politician being less than truthful, but to out right lie, why

that’s just un-American. It seems the true American Idol, Barack Obama, has

rescinded his prior ethical stance on ear marks. Earlier, in a debate with Republican

patsy John McCain, Obama insisted that his virtuous administration would examine,

line by line, all bills, ensuring the elimination of wasteful earmarks. Welcome to

Omnibus ’09, with over 9000 ear marks! In keeping with the whole, “It’s crisis, shut up

and give me your money.” theme, Obama’s reason for signing this bill, laden with

more fat than a Big Mac, was he simply didn’t want to bog down congress at this

critical juncture. Change anyone?

Connecticut and 1098

A bill that would put important financial decisions beyond the reach of Roman

Catholic bishops , and before the scrutiny of an appointed lay committee, was

temporarily averted yesterday. This attempt by the new secular left should be


to scare us straight. The purpose of this bill was to silence the Catholic Church and

aggressively marginalize their effectiveness for representing biblical opposition to this

growing moral decay, that seems to be digesting our society. For more on this story check out

I truly believe, when we refer back to this moment in time, it will be defined by:

Bernie Madoff “His associates made off with billions”

OctoMom “Only in this error of you know who, can a woman on welfare birth 8

children, with 6 already waiting in the wings”

Tim Guitner (Tax cheat) “How can a guy with the inability to pay his own taxes, keep

a straight face when telling us to pay ours?”

George Bush “Opened the door to socialism, and invited B. H. O. inside.”

Persecution news

Libya Tortures Four Christian Converts from Islam

Other Christian converts on the run fearing for their lives

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 9, 2009) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Libyan intelligence officials have detained and tortured four Christians for converting from Islam. The Christians have been imprisoned for the past seven weeks in Tripoli, Libya’s capital.

Libya’s External Security Organization is believed to be behind the detention and torture of the Christians, according to our sources. The security agents have barred the families from visiting the detained converts and are putting severe physical and psychological pressure on the Christians in order to force them to reveal the names of other converts. Fearing for their lives, converts from Islam are on the run.

The detention and the torture of the Christian converts come at a critical time in Libya’s relations with the international community. The country has been improving its relations with the international community following the lifting of sanctions imposed on it due to its involvement in the bombing of an American airliner in which 270 people were killed.

By torturing the four Christian converts and stifling religious freedom, Libya is once again violating basic principles of the international human rights law.

ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Jonathan Racho, said, “We call upon Libyan officials to stop torturing the four Christians and release them from detention. Libya must respect the rights of its citizens to worship freely and not to be tortured. We particularly ask the Libyan leader and the current head of the African Union, Mr. Muammar Gaddafi, to set the prisoners free and demonstrate his country’s commitment to respect human rights.”