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WAR: Invasive Species

Florida is at risk of losing its identity as its inhabitance struggle under siege to survive the alien invaders from the third world. These displaced snakes in the grass thrive within this southern states landscape. I am talking about Burmese Pythons whose natural home belongs in Southeast Asia. Decades ago reptile nerds irresponsibly released these former pets after realizing they bit off more than they could chew.

The enormous snake did not assimilate to its new environment; instead it wreaks havoc upon Florida’s native species. There is a disruption in the delicate balance lest the python has no natural predators, it simply takes the food from the rightful inhabitance and forcefully claims the land.
Texas, Arizona, California and New Mexico also struggle with an invasive species of sorts that decimate the structural integrity of South West communities. These illegal aliens are aided and abetted by the left as well as low information Americans voters.

Why is the left willing to infest American towns with drug dealers, rapist, child sex traffickers, and the occasional person opting for a better life? Simple! It’s not their town. Nancy Pelosi and her comrades reside in affluent safe American communities, white communities. Their children aren’t exposed to violent gangs, labeled and shamed as privileged, required to abandon their culture, or forced to admire people simply because their brown.
The once unspoiled communities are now infected ghettos and barren shells of the once thriving industry that scurried out of Dodge. I demand my children learn traditional American history that doesn’t vilify their ancestors or stipulate apologies for our Founders deeds. I refuse to volunteer my children up to become bi-lingual genderless self loathers.

Illegal immigration is a parasitic venture with no upside for the American citizen only for greedy politicians complicit in our Nations disillusion. America’s sovereignty should be a national security interest not a political bargaining chip. We are told that America was created welcoming immigrants which is a bending of reality. The truth is that immigration had desired free men, men from westernized countries who for the most part could add value to the States. The concept of courting brown nationalist’s who forced Americans to embrace their culture and language is laughable.

It has become illegal to house or import Burmese Pythons in Florida as they feverishly attempt to reduce the numbers and limit the damage caused by the invasive reptile. It seems more prudent to reduce the invaders numbers and restrict its importation than to expect the native wildlife to welcome its own demise. These new laws don’t devalue the python’s worth as an animal or deter its right to exist. The integrity of communities whether animal or man must be respected and valued without fear of intrusion.