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W.O.W: Sweeden on Fire

Swedes don't deserve thier sexy swedish white goddesses.

When the refugee crisis began last summer, about 1,500 people were coming to Sweden every week seeking asylum. By August, the number had doubled. In September, it doubled again. In October, it hit 10,000 a week, and stayed there even as the weather grew colder. A nation of 9.5 million, Sweden expected to take as many as 190,000 refugees, or 2 percent of the population — double the per capita figure projected by Germany, which has taken the lead in absorbing the vast tide of people fleeing the wars in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere. –

Why is a country with such a rich history abandoning its identity so freely? Swedes are not the hapless casualties of a mighty military from a far off land, slaying and raping the once formidable Scandinavian people into submission.

The small country is painfully learning the stark contrasts in society between different racial identities, their dreamy socialist utopia is being exploited and violently consumed by starved savage migrants who don’t give a shit about responsible Swedish culture.

It’s a regrettable tragedy to watch as Swedes voluntarily abandon their rich and historical white identity as if ashamed and atoning for their prosperity. It’s a sickening view when gazing at a man that carelessly forfeits his inheritance and curses his ancestors.