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Victims of Liberalism

The Victims of liberalism

President Obama has signed a hate crime bill, while simultaneously making America a more vulnerable nation. The new hate crime bill “piggy backed” on legislation that further weakened our sovereignty by killing plans for new weapons and war spending. America, pay attention this bill is a microcosm of liberal planning, President Obama rides on the Luxury that previous Presidents afforded him, by building the most powerful nation on Earth. The next US leader will be left to pick up the unpopular pieces of securing this nation.

The new measure expands currant hate crime laws by including violence based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. AP reports the defense part of the bill that wasn’t cut, was a “must pass”; so republicans who realized that this legislation was an attack on free speech caved in to typical Washington politics, in order to get the defense dollars. **Hope and Change**

There is always a reason why a crime is committed, jealousy, greed, psychotic tendencies, hate, none of them are valid and all of them should be punishable by the appropriate measure. Our far left President and his ilk believe that victims of a crime are more important if they subscribe to a liberal lifestyle. If I get assaulted for my belief in Jesus Christ and his teachings it is now a lesser crime than a man who gets assaulted for believing he should have sex with other men.

Liberals preach multiculturalism and praise the concept of a cookie cutter communistic approach, when convenient, so why do they go to such lengths to pit Americans against each-other. They divide everyone up into pretty political packages, and tattoo their bloody stamp on them. Gay and lesbian, environmental enthusiast, the poor, minorities, artist, college students and so on; liberals have hijacked these groups and buffered them by branding them with radical causes. I can’t support a pristine environment, if I do I must subscribe this bogus claim that the Earth is warming, even when credible scientist provide facts to the contrary. Or I must support Nancy Pelosi’s 30 million dollar salt marsh mouse, how much healthcare could that of paid for?

I loathe discrimination, it sickens me, determining ones worth by the color of his skin or the shape of his body or any other God given trait is ignorant and sad. However, the liberal puppeteer’s are indoctrinating masses of minorities to believe that they are despised by some innate shame and hatred incorporated in the DNA of every white male ever birthed. Thus dividing by color for political supremacy.

I am convinced homosexuality is an abnormality, science and fact make this statement much more than a naive generalization. However, with that said, I believe that you love who you love. I simply don’t believe my children should be brainwashed into believing that a persons sexuality defines who they are. Homosexuality is not a race. It is not a civil right, and when liberals insist on classifying it as one, it diminishes the lives lost in the true civil rights struggle.

Perhaps one of liberalism’s most abused victim’s are the poor, unless your a family making more than forty thousand dollars a year you will undoubtedly be forced to partake in the system. Churches used to lead the way when it came to getting the poor back on their feet, but “back on your feet” is exactly where Obama’s nanny government doesn’t want you. They prefer our heads barely above water, people pray the weeks by, so that on the third of the new month they can use their food stamp card. Obama’s liberal Marxist regime, prefer you don’t try to land the job for $300.00 a week, because that may be $200.00 a month passed the cut off point for cash assistance. Don’t even get me started about the two ton sledge hammer liberals are smashing on the craniums of the lower middle class. They are taxing us to death, we all will become victims of liberalism, they are making it to expensive to live. Why are subsidizing bogus dead end social programs with the tax payer dollar and telling us there is not a damn thing we can do about it. It’s time for the real change!

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