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Vespi duh Random Voyer

I am Vespi duh Random Voyer and I post cringy videos and artsy ones too. So stay alert, you never know what's rollin' down the pike.
Gum’s say’s she’s a man trapped in a womans body, I say she a man trapped in a mans body!
Why do leftist instantly begin with violence and shouting? Also I am not racist but there’s an awful lotta brown idiots in this video.

Hi I am Vespi, I will provide you with videos that will entertain you, real good. I have a very keen eye, if at first you are not amused, then you must keep viewing until you are, because this is good shit.

If you want to send me videos, whatever. If you insist I will post them even though you’ll most likely come off as a talentless fool.

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Quick Bio

Yes, I’m Italian. I am single, social media single. I am an old fashioned guy, I like the pretty females. I don’t discriminate against ugly women, they just aren’t my first choice. I am definitely a boob man, I love females with perky tah tah’s. However, big and sloppy are right up my nephew Festa’s alley.

I was born in Milan, so that’s why pretty ladies adore me, but I immediately moved to the country where I learned how to be a real man. You’ll see that my videos are just extensions of me, but artsy.

I don’t take no shit. I believe men are men and women are women. I believe that Italy is for Italians. We want to keep our culture,its spot on. My grandma said this, and I live by it:

“Who told you that change is progress? Progress is being able to retain your precious way of life despite the aggressive taunts and threats from evildoer’s”

Archapeda Titreccelli 1983