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Vacation Land pt1

People are mumbling their dissatisfaction with the Presidents plans to vacation during this turbulent time of crisis. Anti-vacationers from all over the country are asking themselves, “Why on Earth would this guy take a break from his arduous job, whilst the nation is burning?” Clearly these imps haven’t a clue about American Marxism. Yes, the Presidents performance at work is very poor. Yes, most workers would be fired for their unprecedented failure at the task for which they were hired. But my Friend, this is no longer a free society, governed as it was intended.
In Marxist America, much like in American Unions, American education, Neo-American society, it doesn’t matter what your performance may be, it only matters if you try or are perceived to be trying. Why on Earth would we begin to hold our President up to standards which we ourselves can not adhere to. Come on, give the guy a break.