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Ubermensch: An argument supporting the unequivocal proof of man’s vital importance on planet Earth.

History's alpha male was paramount to the success of modern Western Civilization.

Ubermensch: An argument supporting the unequivocal proof of man’s vital importance on planet Earth.

The alpha male has been one of civilizations most vital puzzle pieces

Many people consider Mesopotamia to be “The cradle of civilization” because it was thought to have the world’s first populated urban areas. This makes perfect sense; however, I would also argue a case that the true “cradle of civilization” appeared with the birth of the West. Roughly between 800 and 500 B.C. a sophisticated era had emerged that brought significant advances in art, poetry and technology. Rare men among males were responsible for the dynamic changes; this would be a reoccurring theme throughout history.

The Earths inhospitable landscape was often fraught with unforgiving violence, sickness and disease. Under duress to survive early humans were discovering that life was short and cruel, this encouraged the need of a family hierarchy, with that came a modicum of hope. The proliferation of the family was successful after discovering that our only chance was to hoist the majority of heavy burdens upon the shoulders of men. To their credit they bore this responsibility, rarely expressing the pains of agony, this struggle helped promote the ideals of loyalty, self-sacrifice and camaraderie.

Early man gave some responsibility of securing future generations to woman, realizing that she was biologically his physical inferior and a overly emotional reactionary; she didn’t participate in war or most societal issues. This certainly doesn’t mean she lacked survival skills, women were opportunist by nature, always prepared to acquire a more dominant male, and this increased the chances of survival for her and her offspring. Females were also adept at nurturing, males were not, and she processed great sensitivity and often a unique vulnerability. Perhaps this had exacerbated mans natural instinct to protect and care for her with the same ferocity they did children.

The importance of the family in human existence

Many of mans revolutionary concepts were vastly independent from each other, but quite similar when considering most were primarily derived from men. Perhaps the earliest and potentially most pivotal of his concepts was the mastery of fire, its tangible benefits to mankind were numerous, and cooking alone was responsible for massive strides in evolution. When protein rich food was cooked most humans ate more, it became easier to digest and better tasting. The consumption of meat had increased physical strength and brain size, thus contributing to a standard of living that continues to improve.

The progress of man coincided with that of culture and society, within the male population some cast lofty shadows on their peers, and they were men among men, known as the alpha male. Fortunately, this was a phenomenon that was exclusive to men in particular, keeping love relations with females free of unnecessary competition. However, this shouldn’t diminish the historic value of women; they served man as a loving companion and care giver to his children, often restoring his balance.

Caesar’s march on Rome took balls testosterone

Alpha males aren’t just physically gifted or imposing nor just a compilation of intellectual prodigies, arguably not even divinely chosen with a direct line to God. The term alpha describes a characteristic shared by all famous and infamous men that changed civilizations historic trajectory for better or worse, it also applies to many anonymous men too. The importance of alpha males should not detract from any of the common mans achievements; don’t forget the hundreds of thousands of white males meeting with gruesome deaths, while fighting for the black man’s freedom, in the American Civil War.

So after understanding the importance of men, it’s bewildering when some women in America voice such a disdain of him for merely applying the strong virtues and proud traditions that are deeply embedded in his DNA. These women belong to a political movement whose ideology is the antithesis of the conventional West. An ideology that disrespects the union of marriage, devalues vulnerable lives, supports deviant unhealthy sexual behavior, encourages mass anti-West illegal immigration and social engineering in public schools and Universities.

I don’t need a man, honey

Women that are manipulated by this nefarious cult often profess a radical philosophy and enthusiastically crusade for an equality based society, even if it defies biology and logic. Their naïve jihad for fairness is protected by the democrats and ignored by spineless Republicans. Unfortunately, this promotes an unbalanced society, overprotected woman and vilified men. Females are unwitting victims of the left and as a result those that actively sought their divorce are raising the children alone (and doing a shitty job), more of their children are from different men (three kids and three different baby daddies), they can’t keep a man (they’re generally dumped after sex), they are living off the state and yet, still remain convinced that “they don’t need no man!” Despite the self-imposed chaos, these women will routinely bypass the intellectual, church-going and successful man moving straight onto unemployed “Billy bad boy” who rigorously mistreats them and habitually cheats.

Perhaps, this recent female metamorphosis results from a male dereliction of duty.  More men live at home for far longer these days, many feel too comfortable crying in public, and they increasingly place a woman on a pedestal. Guy’s of my generation were too embarrassed to sleep with a fat chick, now it’s a badge of honor, hell for black guys it’s like the first of the month. The drawback to not feeling shame after a one night stand with a homely girl is that she gets falsely presumptuous and refuses to date the homely guy that has it all together.

Alexander Vanopolis


Many of my inspirations are European men of conquest; Alexander the Great had never lost a battle, what’s more was his ability to motivate his men in continuing on, despite the extreme cost of a blood soaked victory. Alexander didn’t shrink from any challenge, the Gordian knot, for example. The legend of the Gordian knot is associated with untying a complex knot; the man that solved the riddle in this regard was prophesied to become ruler over all of Asia. After studying the knot for a while, Alexander drew his sword and cut it thru, it unraveled, there was no restriction regarding this method. Coincidence or not, Alexander battled on and became ruler of Asia.

There were great men that affected lives exponentially in valiant capacities like General George Patton, George Washington, Leonidas of Sparta and men described heroically in accounts from the Bataan death march. I could actually devote pages to great men, supermen. These are the collection of men known as the Ubermensch. This is a German name that literally translates as superman; the name became famous after being coined by Friedrich Nietzsche in the 1800s.