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It's been independently verified, Biden is actually 45% plastic and 12% veneers.

And the winner is….

Joseph “In the basement hiden” Biden

Joe Biden is the prototypical politician, scummy in every way, closely related to the weasel, and perhaps the most required trait of any slimy politician, he’s fuckin soulless.

The general low-down on Biden is very typical, he’s a spineless worm that will adopt any philosophy or policy that is politically expedient, this is extremely evident by his numerous flip-flops on issues.

Joe, however, has bested many formidable hacks like Nancy Pelosi, Ted Wheeler, and Muriel Bowser, to unequivocally capture the turd of the week award by exemplifying the mega-ultra-version of the prototypical creature from the swamp.

Biden: Serial Liar

In the last several days, Biden has ratcheted up his lies, especially as they pertain to the President. Perhaps his most blatant lie of late pertains to fracking.

It’s been verified that Biden is actually 45% plastic!