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Trump Jr. VS Hags from the View: Full interview

hags from the view are the personification of the anti-trumper movement

These wenches actually seethe bile over their collective hate for Donald Trump, our great President. These beauties reflect a much larger movement, a dark sinister movement, psychotically intent upon sacking the President at all cost.

I’ve never seen such a disturbing reaction to an elected leader or public official at any point in my life and this tells me something very profound.

The corrupt establishment along with their sycophants and star-struck groupies have comfortably ravaged America for generations, satisfying their appetite for power and control. The election of Trump has ushered in an era of accountability and the President has vehemently declined to “go-along to get-along” and cooperate with the establishment.

True fans of America, who value a mighty Western culture, must appreciate the sheer depth of fear that is driving the corrupt establishment to destroy Donald Trump. The harder they hate, the greater they are being exposed, Trump is doing God’s work.


Adder Puff

Adder Puff