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Trump Derangement Anti-White?

Trump derangement syndrome is a label placed on hysterical liberals reacting to the mere mention of Donald Trump. It’s amazing, that the slightest inference of Trump invokes an irrational response from a diverse movement of people. “Fuck Trump, misogynist, xenophobe, he’s a moron that doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s a racist and on and on” However they become visibly shook when your follow up question is “do you have an example of the President being a _______ ?” They become panicked and aggravated, how dare you ask for proof of Trumps debauchery.

Millennial jerk offs whose reality is often confused with Play station or TMZ are not the only driving force, older hippies and generation Xers make up a decent segment of these Trump haters. It seems that these people have suspended all reality when it comes to the subject of Donald Trump. Almost all of their rhetoric stems from Democrat talking points. Much of their perception of the President has derives from their family, their weekly church service or Fake News’s

Fake News from television or print has irresponsibly portrayed Trump as an illegitimate and unqualified President. The main stream media has abandoned objective news’s and the American public has yet to notice or care. CNN has been a staunch supporter of Trumps complicity with Russia, constantly reporting that it’s only a matter of time, and now that the verdict states, “No Collusion” Chris Cuomo and the band are hauntingly silent.

In a Grammy award winning performance CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota almost lost her composure and actually tears up while describing an unfortunate event. It seems a soldier in the Bronx gave his life saving people who’d have perished had he not been present. The hero allegedly originated from Ghana one of the “shit hole” countries. Shit happens.

One theory circling is that Trump is another casualty in the Democrat war on whites, males in particular. It is no secret that the democrats envision whites to be a hindrance in their quest of being an unchallenged hegemony. President Trump’s efforts to thwart the brown invasion on the Southern border are like a thumb in the democrat’s eye and an irritating obstacle in the de-white-ifacation of America. The Washington Post reports that Trumps immigration plan could preserve the white majority for another five years, go Trump! Wait only five years.

ALERT: As I compose this interesting article, the chickens may be coming home to roost. Claims actor Jussie Smollet was bleached, lynched and assaulted on the streets of Chicago by two racist white men wearing MAGA hats on Tuesday may have been falsely reported. A pair of Nigerian brothers living in Chicago informed police that Smollet paid them to stage the attack, sources told USA Today. Of course as this story of the assault broke, major media news outlets sold this hateful narrative to the viewers as authentic without investigating the facts.

Why would the media investigate Smollett’s report, the assailants were white and they wore MAGA hats, what more do you need? This smacks of Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s very interesting that while the usual suspects in the media refuse to report on anything positive about Trump, they’ll jump blindly upon the anti-white bandwagon without hesitation. I am confident that hatred for white men fuels Trump Derangement Syndrome and perhaps in pathetic irony it’s identified in predominately white lefties.