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Trouble Brewing in Democratville

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Trouble Brewing In Democratville

The sky will inevitably fall upon the Democrat party, there’s no telling how long that their constituents will be able to contain their hypocritical charade, reality dictates that you can’t always restrain the forces of opposing ideals. Eventually feminism and transgender activism will no longer co-exist in a peaceful coalition and will indubitably splinter. Also Muslim inconsistencies with the feminist agenda could rock the party’s boat.

Martina Navratilova, lesbian ex-tennis phenom, had recently felt the sting from enraged transgendered rights groups, most notably Trans Actual, for calling out a biological male named Rachel McKinnon after she won the female cycling championship. Pictures of the giant nerdy looking ex-male captured her between to authentic females and donning a shiny new gold medal. Clearly one can quickly see that she was a man in a not too distant former life; this is hardly fair for the other competitors that had to make use of their physically inferior bodies from which they were born into. (Inferior to a man)

Navratilova, when asked by The Sunday Times, said,”hundreds of athletes who have changed gender by declaration and limited hormone treatment have already achieved honors as women that were beyond their capabilities as men.” She also said that a transgender competing with women was “insane” and “cheating”. This isn’t the first time that a bonefide lesbian has stated an issue with a transgender and it’s only beginning. A transgender imposes on all women; some lesbians don’t feel comfortable with a biological male patronizing her social click, while some feminist are being negatively affected by biological men intruding in female sports.

Don’t worry I identify as only 110 pounds

The idea that claiming to be a female generates an all-access pass into everything female is simply not true, it’s as accurate as a fat person identifying as skinny and joining an anorexia support group.  Or a 250lb MMA fighter identifying as a 118lber and being allowed to fight as a flyweight. The fact that there haven’t been more conflicts is amazing, maybe they’re just not followed by the media.

The democrat party houses both the transgender and feminist agendas routinely reminding them that they are victims in need of a voice. They have recently added Muslims to their line-up, which could be volatile very soon. So far those wily feminist have managed to keep all focus on the innately misogynist actions of white men (the go to oppressors) The Muslim culture in most countries of the world keep pretty stringent laws on their female populations. In Saudi Arabia, a country with who the U.S has had a relationship since 1945, women are required to have a male guardian such as a brother, uncle, father or husband. This guardian must give consent for any significant activity, like getting married, divorced and major purchases involving contracts to name a few. This might be an effective way to control frivolous household spending I must point out, I digress.

Should American feminist of the democrat party address this elephant in the room? I mean how can you rail American men down for “man splaining” while their Muslim counterparts in Saudi Arabia are required to give consent allowing their broads to get surgery? Islamic law in most Nations forbid women to look or dress attractively, restricting make-up to a bare minimum, Jessica Simpsons daily cover-up alone could satisfy the maximum supply of make-up for a small village in the Middle East.

The big tent approach of the democrat party seems to resemble a circus tent mostly and the rope that they balance on is getting thinner. Integrity is not a democrat prerequisite or even encouraged, when faced with a difficult decision they simply ignore it. Well in 2019 things are getting real Jack! The wiry little freshmen Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi could inevitably face-off in a cage match before the next major election. Ocasio-Cortez actually makes Pelosi look balanced, her fiery brand of unhinged socialism does not congeal with Pelosi’s “whatever garners the votes” philosophy.

Hopefully, all American voters realize that democrat politicians believe that we are too stupid to recognize their unholy hypocrisy. The Dem’s have been successful in the “Saying it enough will make it true” mantra until now and must see a reason to change. They are the party of “say anything to secure the vote” and because of their control over the media and journalist specifically they are rarely put to task.

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