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Trayvon’s Legacy (Part One)

The New Black Panthers, the same tired Marxist rhetoric, coddled by a Marxist government who just revels in racial discourse. This is how the federal oppressors maintain their wealth and power. The majority of victims are displaced black citizens, lynched by a suffocating ideology and used as human pawns. People like Mikhail Muhummud, weaken and prey on the black community; along with discredited ideologues like Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson they are sent in by the democrat party with government approved subterfuge.
The black community as well as many black conservatives are appalled by the state run media’s absolute refusal to voice any other opinion than that of ignorant racist, be they black or white. The usual suspects in the media continue to advance and spot light the minority of black people who are condemning George Zimmerman before he’s been proven guilty or innocent. ABC,NBC,CNN, and other elites are making the black community look like imbeciles, like blood thirsty animals whose mental capacity has quickly retarded with blind indignation.
The majority of blacks and people of color, are intelligent, brave and cognizant of truth and justice; just as much as their white or European counterparts. Yet, their large numbers and sensible voices are silenced in the wake of exploitation and liberal divisiveness. White citizens are being assaulted and murdered at an alarming rate by blacks, and even more blacks are being violently murdered, raped and exploited by other blacks. People whisper, “Where is the outrage about that?” It’s there, but Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will remain oblivious because it won’t make them money or win them notoriety. Sharpton and Jackson hardly care about the startling and unprecedented suicide and homicide digesting inner city citizens, they support and encourage it, it is all part of the progressive agenda.
Hopefully, if anything arises from this tragedy, it’s how the truth is being concocted by consistent lies, perpetrated from the Federal Government to the media, packaged for the impulsive “got to have it now” citizens of America. The Trayvon Martin Legacy isn’t about and overzealous wanna-be cop, who in his passion to keep the neighborhood safe made an awful mistake. It is the continued enslavement of a race of Americans, by the government, shiftless profiteers, and power starved racist. It is the loss of liberty by a progressive movement who promises to make this Republic so distraught that we cry for a dictatorship to keep us safe. It is about a political group who never wanted to free the Black American. Every time we hear the words African American, black culture, black hero, black professor, black athlete, etc, we should be reminded that the 21stcentury slave trade is alive and well. Until all people are categorized as simply man, woman, American; they will continue to win.


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