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Trayvon Martin

GLOCK RUSSMAN ALERT: The armed extremist group who fashion themselves as Black Panther’s have publicly rendered a bounty on neighborhood watchdog George Zimmerman. Is it hypocritical that they demand justice from the white man (who happens to be “Hispanic”), yet refuse him due process? I am not saying this wasn’t a tragedy or even Zimmerman is innocent, but before Obama and the Black Panther’s string this guy up, shouldn’t they wait for all the evidence to trickle in? Isn’t there witness’s, who aren’t Trayvon’s girlfriend, that say Zimmerman was the one who was attacked? The usual suspects are out there strengthening the divide and making sure people remember who they are. Of course these zipper heads are backed by Eric Holder who consistently uses subterfuge to achieve his racist agenda.
Recent polls suggest that 70% of Americans believe George Zimmerman should be arrested, Hoo Ray! What idiots, no one but Zimmerman knows exactly what had happened as of now,yet they believe the government run media’s agenda to sacrifice him. This is why our founder’s detested democracies, mob rule; if criminals like Al Sharpton an Jesse Jackson had their way this kid would be hanging. It doesn’t matter if they produce a video showing Zimmerman’s innocence, the zealots driving this lynching have already made up their mind, because Martin is black and Zimmerman is not. Does anyone remember the young “white” couple I wrote about a few months back? Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome, they were both raped, tortured, and executed by four black men. If you read the true grizzly account of this killing it will turn your stomach. Where were Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Where was Barack Obama? Where was Lawrence O’Donnell? Glock Russman can name you many tragedies in which whites were killed by blacks, yet the media coverage was paltry, but whats the point.

  Oh I had to be careful the name of this post didn’t infringe on the Martins trademark names. Capitalism, it’s great


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