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Transgender Disease must be treated

When all my plans vanished in thin air last weekend I was convinced that it just might be an uninspiring couple of days. This was until I stopped by my very liberal brothers dwelling to confirm that my life still had a pulse. After having a few beers we sat in the living room talking while the television filled any pause or lull in the conversation. My brother, his girlfriend, her sister, and I had somehow, by the news perhaps, managed to engage in a discussion about a man who had decided that he would live life as a woman.

From what I understand this dude could only identify as a chick and inferring anything else could be a physical liability. My brother’s girlfriend joked about hypothetically bearing a kid that identified as transgender and of course my brother said he’d love it all the same, as long as it was healthy. Spoiler alert bro! A boy that aspires to be a girl is not healthy! Of course, all three of these twenty something’s reacted as if I had passed gas.

“Look,” I said, “There are no little boys that wish to be more like little girls, they hate little girls”. If a boy is admiring the benefits of being a girl at that age, well he’s fucking compromised. Let me explain something, there is nothing admirable about being anyone at that age, children want the power to fly or of indestructibility. The whole ride home I reflected on that afternoon’s topic of interest and if I was less evolved as the girls had suggested.

Screw that. I have declared at this moment to stand my ground, enlightenment be dammed. There is not a young child on Earth that really desires to be the opposite gender; they hardly know enough about the other to even seriously maintain that proclamation. Shit I am 33 and am just beginning to unravel the riddle of just what it means to be a man. I don’t believe that there’s a woman at any age of sound mind that really believes she identifies as a man.

The profound acknowledgement of two men bonding is meaningful for reasons that no woman could ever know or legitimately understand. Men are the purveyor’s civilization and without cruel life lessons, unforgiving endeavors, and the willingness to accept the rules, a man can’t even enter the ring. There is a valid reason that after thousands of years women are just getting the right to vote and the chance to take a shot at “man things”. Unfortunately society has become too cocky and lackadaisical in believing that there’s no harm letting the female drive. Civilization didn’t just begin by forcing women to stay at home popping out kids and making meals. Survival driven communities learned under outcomes of disaster and death how to administer the role each gender was designed to do the best.

So it is my belief that healthy men and women are not designed to interchange and that transgenderism is another of life’s defective ailments. Politicians feed on any predicament that translates into more votes; the transgender situation is perhaps one of the cruelest examples of political manipulation. Many of those that identify Trans are suffering by the hands of malicious sub humans that prey on their misery.

For every shit heel social justice warrior parading about YouTube self-entitled and obnoxious there must be one at home struggling in pain. The suffering silent will never get the help they deserve and unfortunately look to suicide as a viable option. Youth are under extreme pressure to accept this sickness by peer pressure and an out of control social media, demanding that they must join the circus and embrace their responsibility.

The conversation at my brother’s house definitely interested me enough to research this phenomenon. It is with an objective eye that the information was considered and an opinion is rendered. Tran’s people have unwittingly forfeited their individual sovereignty and become a tool for the problem pimps just as blacks, gays, women, illegal aliens, random perverts, and fatso’s. How these groups remain clueless to the lefts agenda is mind bending. You’re being used! They don’t care!