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Toxic Shame

Since the viral video of an expiring George Floyd, woefully yanked at the heart-strings of the gullible masses, Democrats of all shapes and sizes have sprung into action. Celebrity millionaires from sports and entertainment frantically blew on the flames that the left had intentionally ignited, and they blew hard!

Political opportunists on the left are eagerly dialing up anti-white rhetoric and leaving America in a state of disarray, peddling their propaganda and disregarding the unintended casualties it inevitably produces along the way.

Blatant fabrications from the left have permeated every crevice of our society, and nowhere is safe from these brooding vipers or immune to their toxic venom. Sports news was once a peaceful reprieve from politically charged channels, those days are over, they now sling divisive rhetoric for their overlords on the left.


Fox Sports 1 airs a morning program called Undisputed, a popular show with a debate-style format, typically discussing the latest developments in the world of sports. Since the George Floyd incident, however, Undisputed has seemingly transformed into a venue for exploitative leftwing politics.

The show features a diverse duo, Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, although the white guy, Bayless, is the obvious lead and often has the last word, on recent racial issues he defers to Sharpe and seems content in the submissive role.

Bayless has made a career out of challenging Sharpe’s assertions and disagrees with the majority of his parochial sports analysis. However, Sharpe’s recent affinity for social justice and desire to persecute whites for black America’s economic shortcomings, has certainly humbled the usually pompous Bayless.

Skip Bayless

Many of the regular viewers are confused, until now, they had always assumed that the red-haired and often firey Skip  Bayless was an independent thinker, marching to the beat of his own drummer.

Bayless, who is generally noted for telling it like it is,  has disappointed some regular viewers by kowtowing to the extremist group, Black Lives Matter.

Skip has likely contracted a crippling affliction, diagnosed as Toxic-Shame, it’s rumored to be affecting white men on a massive scale, lately. The symptoms begin with a troubling hormonal imbalance that produces an un-godly flood of estrogen thru the body, shrinking, or even eliminating one’s testicles.

This is followed by a sense of racial inadequacy and hyper self-loathing, immediately intensified with a bizarre fixation to self-destruct, and finally, those unfortunate enough to contract the illness are destined to roam the Earth in a constant state of delusion.

This becomes very apparent in the video below as an irrational Bayless suggests that Mike Gundy(college football head-coach) should be fired for his lack of social awareness.

Is anyone more pathetic and haplessly afflicted by Leftist demagoguery than Skip Bayless?

Perhaps, ironically enough, it may be the subject of Skip’s irrational rage, Mike Gundy, tucked his male appendage between his legs and cried for mercy after it was revealed he had enjoyed viewing  One America News Network, a no-no for those serving the left.

Mike Gundy

Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy denounced OAN after discovering that the news show, unlike almost every other cable news outlet, wasn’t shilling leftist propaganda and encouraging the recent war against the American identity.

Gundy’s official apology amounted to some bullshit over the network disparaging Black Lives Matter, a darling of the left and fervently anti-white. The coach claimed that had he known the networks sensible aversion to BLM, he would have caved in to this emasculating leftist hysteria long ago.

Of course, Gundy’s deplorable act of cowardice isn’t being well-received, many of his critics still want him and his funky mullet to be forever tattooed a pariah and to be permanently removed from coaching college football.

Bayless and Gundy represent a fatal future for whites suffering from Toxic Shame and unless this illness receives the publicity that it deserves, most Americans will continue to deny it exists.