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Torii Hunter PC Defiant?

In a recent interview, Angel’s slugger Torri Hunter candidly discussed his feelings about the prospect of (having) (playing with)an openly gay teammate. Recently Torii Hunter talked about playing with a gay teammate, in a candid interview. In a recent interview Angel’s outfielder Torii Hunter, candidly discussed the whole “gay teammate” issue. The issue quickly created a ripple in the cesspool of PC America, and rapidly recessed into a non disturbance. Had Hunter been white, he would have been forced into apologizing just to salvage his career, but that’s another story for another time.                                                                                                                             
                                                     Me? I wasn’t supposed to catch that ball Torii…
Even Torii Hunters free pass to state the obvious was met with resistance by the Progressive PC police. From what I gather, the crux of Hunter’s objection with a homosexual teammate is his devout respect for his religion, Christianity. If he were a Muslim who maybe felt a little queer around a queer, it might be a valid contention, but today even black Christians get marginalized. David Brown (Yahoo Sports) writes, “using Christianity to hide behind bigotry is totally unfair toChristians who don’t consider being gay not right”
Although Hunter disparaged no one, being as gentle as possible, the fact that he doesn’t abide by Browns definition of Christianity, makes him a bigot. 
David Brown is just another PC Nazi who believes he’s entitled to qualify a legitamite Christian, screw the millions of believers who might disagree. The reality is that being repulsed by homosexuality is natural for some, thinking it’s gross isn’t a learned behavior. Being forced to accept it is!
To further exploit Brown’s idiocy, he writes, “Did the Tigers get to the World Series in 2012 becauseJustin Verlanderis in a relationship with Kate Upton? How would it matter if Verlander dated someone named Bob Upton?” He’s serious. Well let me think…. Would a guy having sex Kate Upton look at the athletic body of his teammate with the “I’d like to bang you” eye’s”? Not likely. How about a healthy average homosexual? Hmmmm probable. There is the issue.


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