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There are basically two types of people vying for the same place on the planet, those who regard a 2o% tip to be a mandatory exercise and those that don’t.

Those that don’t: There is a variety of people that don’t feel so unequivocal about leaving a tip, ranging from “I don’t believe in tipping.” to “It should be based on the quality of service that I receive.”

Believe it or not, the “Militant tipper” thinks you’re a bigger dick if you base the number of gratuities on the quality of your server than those that leave goose-egg, zero.

Some people, like me, will regularly over tip when a server actually puts in a little effort. People like me aren’t too concerned if the next guy leaves a tip or not.

Any day now, my shift ends in two hors.

Those that do: Then there’s the militant tipper, this guy (usually a woman) believes that you should tip no matter what kind of service you receive. They also believe that 20% is non-negotiable, because “Everybody has to make a living”.

The militant tipper is poised to berate anyone unfortunate enough to get caught not tipping. They insist that 20% above a bill, which is usually 20% too high, to begin with, is not a suggestion, it’s a mandatory responsibility.

The militant tipper is the same jack ass that stars in many of the “cringe” videos while out protesting for A.N.T.I.F.A.

The man that tips according to performance is a man that gets it, because this makes sense, he votes Republican. I will actually over-tip my waitress/waiter if they pay attention and exude politeness.

Contrary to militant tippers philosophy, I am not responsible for your night classes and don’t give a shit about your substantial rent. Hey, stop paying a C note to get your hair done every week. Where does this entitlement behavior come from?

A derelict bum that sits on the couch all day playing Play Station and receiving welfare or disability checks shouldn’t even be allowed to vote. Why should this person be allowed to have a stake in something so important?

This deadbeat should understand the law of nature, every action has a reaction. Those food stamps, medical and dental are not free, there is a deductible and its called individual liberty. The cost of your tax-payer funded lifestyle is your subjugation by an intrusive government, have fun.

As for me, I will continue to tip accordingly. I’ll not cave to peer pressure or political correctness. In some metropolitan enclaves, it’s a social faux-pas to fork out anything less than 20% on a meal, regardless of the service.

I am actually doing these servers a great service, burning the extra calorie or so that it takes to pretend like you give a shit, will be an exercise in self-respect and give you tools for the real world.

The pretentious waitress the rarely passes up a chance to catch a glimpse of her reflection in anything shiny, she votes Democrat, if at all.

By Alpha-Magnus



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