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The radical left censors masculinity and common sense

How Long will This video avoid censorship?

A video depicting the massive failure of Western parents temporarily avoids being crushed under the suppressive wheels of social justice, but for how long?

Parents throughout Western Nations, in an effort to appease the hostile political left, have practically abandoned their children in droves as they are groomed to welcome the acceptance of pedophilia.

A culture that’s buckling under an extreme envenomation by the piercing fangs of Leftist ideology, teeters on the verge of peril. A once courageous American voice, endowed with unparalleled virtue is shockingly silent, while the populations’ children are being sexualized by the radical Left and its unscrupulous Stewarts.

Under the intrusive moniker of social equality and the skewed perception of justice, men publically sexualize and marry each other, defiling a sacred institution that once provided children with a safe environment.