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In one form or another “Make America great again” is a slogan that has been in use since 1980. During Reagan‘s first successful campaign for the White House, in which he dominated Mr. Peanut Jimmy Carter, the phrase “Let’s make America great again” donned many primer gray Pinto’s. Even Super sexual predator Bill Clinton didn’t shy away from using the slogan in political advertisements. So when Roger Stone, President Trump’s long time political advisor began using it, it must’ve hit home with the President.

Shortly after Barack Obama’s predictable thrashing of Joseph Smith disciple Mitt Romney, Trump slapped a trademark on that puppy. The slogan was refreshing for America’s populace of marginalized masses who detested the globalist agenda so admired by the past three Presidents. In a Country that’s cultural trajectory sadly resembled that of Europe’s, this slogan smacked of Nationalism.

Now two years and 33 days into the Presidency of Donald Trump the muscle of the “Make America great again” slogan, MAGA, stokes the ire from most demented crack pots of the left. One of the more preposterous liberal responses to MAGA is that America was never great, mostly expressed by minorities and race hustlers like Andrew Cuomo. While speaking at a news conference in 2018 the eldest of the creepy Cuomo brothers suggested that “America was never that great anyway”.

Although the press is reluctant to report on the growing number of incidents involving fascist liberal opposition to anything MAGA, video occasionally captures these attacks. In a viral post on YouTube a grown man angrily lashed out against two teenage boys at Whataburger. The uncontrollable man violently splashed the teens with a beverage and then snatched a MAGA hat off one of the boys. “This will go great in my fucking fireplace”, he expressed while walking away.

In an aggressive psychosis displaying a false air of moral superiority white liberals condemn Middle American’s, particularly heterosexual white males as being everything that’s wrong with this country. They associate these American’s with the phrase MAGA. Elitist uber-white liberals desire a socialist utopia resembling their comrades of the third world, wealthy white‘s on top and minority masses indentured to the state swim at the bottom. Our founder’s knew that generosity from the State doesn’t come cheap and we must keep governmental intrusion to a minimum.

It’s understandable that minorities, who originated from societies dominated by oppressive authoritative regimes for eons, would have such difficulty acclimating to a Nation developed by free men for free men. A concept of limited government and self-determination is difficult for many minorities to compute, this is perhaps why elitist white liberals are so successful manipulating them.

The prosperity and cultural accomplishments indicative of European America is repeatedly insinuated as supremacy by shifty political parasites. The press is also complicit in the erroneous campaign of disinformation, the unapologetic thrashing of whites and the hatred of Trump that monopolizes the twenty four hour news cycle. The left is feverishly attempting to label anyone who doesn’t fall in line as the enemy and to make the enemy synonymous with “Make America great again”.

This pitiful segment of the American population absorbs Washington’s toxic stew of propaganda on a daily basis, unaware of its consequences. This growing demographic believes that MAGA is the rallying cry of their enemy. It’s frightening to imagine the Country that would emerge under control of people who loathe the “Make America great again” slogan.

These are democrats that find it hard to understand the concept our Fore-Fathers risked everything to attain. In fact, MAGA haters share little or no connection with our Ancestors, which makes their need to preserve our heritage even more minimal. In 2019, for those admitting to be democrats’ socialism’s roots run deep, they admit receiving benefits from the state is a right.

It seems President Trump is not everyone on the right’s cup of tea, but we must take what we like and leave the rest. The belief that Trump is dubious is an accusation that we can debate all day and doesn’t benefit “The cause”. The reality is that no President in my lifetime has so candidly championed for right leaning causes and so viciously attacked the left. I defy anyone to name a recent Republican President with more balls.

Previously in the week, ex-Empire actor Jussie Smollett provided an excellent depiction of this Countries divide. Disgust and outrage visibly troubled a myriad of pampered establishment types that voiced no trace of objectivity. Finally, here’s proof positive of the vile homophobic racism permeating from those MAGA loving whites. What more do you need? Maga is just code for “Make America WHITE again” Shortly thereafter the pitter patter of rain falling on their parade.
Awe sooo close!!!

As Jussie Smollett’s imaginary attackers shouted, “This MAGA country”.

….and I love it!