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They Stole His Daughter

Public schools and big government VS loving dad

In 2016, a fathers nightmare tragically blossomed into reality, after discovering his 14-year-old daughter was the victim of psychological re-wiring.

Jay Keck, whose daughter suffers from mental illness, was alarmed to discover that the youngster had fallen victim to depraved social engineering by trusted community figures.

These figures were teachers and administrators employed at the Chicago Public School in which the young child attended, they failed to contact the Keck’s when the irregularities began.

Jay’s socially stunted child was befriended by a girl she had met in school, this girl had previously proclaimed her transformation from boy to girl. Immediately following the encounter, Jay’s daughter would claim that she was a boy, held hostage by a female body.

Before long, the staff from the School which she was attending and where she ultimately came out, affirmed her transition without the Keck’s knowledge or approval.

 Travis Titworm, 4th-grade teacher “ I use a very hands-on approach with my students, hollah.”

The school had possessed complete & prior knowledge of her mental health deficiencies and still encouraged the troubled young child’s transformation into a boy.

Trusted faculty members began referring to Keck’s daughter as a boy, following the transgender pronoun protocol and going so far as to permit her access to a gender-neutral bathroom.

After becoming aware, Jay and his wife then struggled to muddle through the long days, feeling completely helpless to come to their child’s aid. The school even refused to accommodate the Keck’s preference to refer to their child as a girl.

These parents, replete with the history of their daughter’s mental health issues, were made to feel as debilitated bystanders, watching their little girl be victimized.

To account for their bizarre over-reach the school cited a law that the Obama administration had supposedly enacted, although a minimal bit of research proved that no such law existed.

Obviously, the parent’s were furious over the school’s nefarious efforts to alienate them from their daughter’s life.  Education has taken a back seat to social justice, courtesy of progressive policies, in an effort to marginalize parents and usurp their authority.

The next stage of this unraveling nightmare begins with the school’s social worker attempting to facilitate a halfway house for the girl to escape her/his parent’s tyrannical grip.

A school social worker is nothing more than propaganda administer, assisting with the tedious rewiring of adolescent minds. The worker actually advised the confused girl to seek refuge in the halfway house. Halfway house: An institutional haven for sex predators and societies losers.

Rachel Woodpecker, halfway house Mgr. “We welcome troubled teens as much as we do homeless black men and skinny white incels.”

 “Child Abuse, Neglect, and Missing Children” webpage, suggesting that school staff might be encouraged to report parents if they disagree with their child transitioning.” –

The (above) statement is reminiscent of the tactics deployed by the Nazi regime (if you acknowledge the Holocaust, that is) they would often encourage children to report their parents to the state.

Imagine the degree of frustration and utter despondency that has consumed these parents as their little girl advanced through High School. The inconsolable father, Jay Keck, is a sure as the tit’s on a monkey that once she reaches 18, his daughter will certainly patronize the cultural trash-receptacles at planned parenthood to begin taking testosterone.

Suzette Snappingbird, of planned parenthood, enjoys a delicious morning snack and powers up for the day.

They stole this man’s daughter!