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The Trump Persecution: Revealing the lefts greater incursion on the United States and their bitterness toward our American origins.

The war on Trump, waged by the left, is a greater attack on America
These men really “Made America Great”

Their replacements

The pitched battle, waged by the left against President Trump is a blatantly one sided affair with zero intention to camouflage their blinding rage. When I say left, this includes self-described democrats, feminist, minority leaders, LGBT groups, most media outlets, the Entertainment industry and whatever else resides under their big tent. In the 48 years of my glorious existence, I can confidently state that the level of disrespect and pure hatred that the left expresses for the President is unprecedented. They have abandoned any pretense of objectivity in their campaign to dethrone the Donald, they remain relentless and defiant.

If he falls, so do we

This unparalleled assault reaches well beyond the destruction of President Donald J. Trump; it attempts to dismantle the institution of America. This shouldn’t just concern white Americans, but everyone that loves the American identity. Democrat voters are unfortunately overlooking the anti-American tactics adopted by their elected officials in lieu of what they view as successful results. Most Americans primary source of information streams directly from what they believe to be an objective and fair mainstream media, naive citizens could no more imagine the medias compliancy than they could their own.

As a Trump supporter I am sickened by the left’s daily attempts to remove him from office; however as an American I am alarmed by the reality that a candidate elected by the people, is in danger of being impeached simply because he won. All Americans should be unequivocally distressed that the compromised few can bypass the will of the people, to protect their agenda. This isn’t really a war on Trump; it’s a battle to remove a threatening obstacle perceived to be operating outside the establishment.

The left uses learning institutions to belittle America’s white children into holding their ancestors in contempt, just like they do. They use the adolescent fear of social exclusion to coerce our children into accepting that their worth doesn’t exceed that of non-citizens attempting to illegally overrun Nation. The lefts rabid thrust against the Trump Presidency is a march to dismantle this County as our founders envisioned it. Many American people fail to realize that this irrational hatred of Trump supersedes the obvious; the tool that their revolution wildly wields against Trump violates liberty, freedom and the rule of law. The depth at which the left operates is eerily unprecedented in America, closely resembling the politics of history’s worst autocrat regimes. 

White kids actually believe in white privilege

President Trump’s unorthodox behavior may be too hard to swallow for some or you may identify as a registered democrat, in either case, the tyrannical hammer swung by the left could easily be used to drive a nail thru an American leader that you do admire. The Democrats old guard is being challenged by “crazy eye’s Cortez” and her drooling disciples which means “We ain’t seen nuthin’ yet”.

It’s true that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t exactly operating with Windows 10, I dare say she that she might be working with XP, maybe Windows 98. However, her advance to the top isn’t impeded by her glaring defects, hell with enough make-up and the mainstream media’s magic at her disposal; she could appear as a rising Phoenix. In any case, the lefts ulterior mission to derail America is cleverly packaged as the war with Trump.

Bucky Beaver
Four horsemen of the Apocalypse

The evidence of the media’s glaring culpability resides in their effort to legitimize Congressional freshmen like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and dispel any comparisons of her brainpan with that of Homer Simpsons. In tandem with another recent arrival, Rashida Talib, she marches as an ardent soldier of the far left. The third wheel to join this Carmel colored threesome is 2016s congressional new-be, Somali-anti-American Ilhan Omar. Tragically, the compromised cable news network’s like CNN that seem dedicated to Trumps destruction portray these three women as legitimate reformers.

Make no mistake; an attack on our culture is an attack on our Country, and what better format to defile America’s culture than the halls of higher learning. College campuses are well known for being liberal bastions of the left; professors that poison young minds create intolerant thugs bent on stifling any verbal dissension. Campuses are rife with these examples, like what happened to Hayden Williams at Berkley. He was violently assaulted by an impassioned leftist, simply for being a conservative.

Berkley’s High Honor class of 89′ “Summer of Love”

This environment is manufacturing “ready made cultural reformers”, unwitting zealots with an allegiance to social justice, multiculturalism, and equal outcome. They emerge from the collegiate womb programmed by leftist ideology; these are the passionate anti-Trumpers that received an A+ in “whiteness studies” Yes, I said “whiteness studies”. University of Washington Professor Robin DiAngelo earns a salary teaching about “The dangers of whites”. In a paid appearance at Boston University she mesmerized fellow self-loathing whites saying, “I’d like to be a little less white, which means a little less oppressive, oblivious, defensive, ignorant and arrogant.” Wow

To conclude this provocative buoyancy of truth telling, I will say that the left may hate Trump fearing that he’ll topple their solar paneled house of cards. Maybe they fear he’ll awaken whites? It could be that no previous President in my life has called out the left like Trump. Whatever the case may be, Trump represents the man clinging fiercely to the last sacred pieces  of what this Nation was intended to be, and can still be.

Alexander Vanopolis

Drunken Viper Studios