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Alert! The deep blue state of Connecticut averted what looks like a very sinister plot, terrorism? Yes, today The Hartford Courant proclaimed the authorities foiled an alleged plot, masterminded by a 15 year old boy. The unnamed hooligan apparently made a threat mentioning guns and possibly bombs, no doubt inspired by the evening news or some other morally corrupt form of media.

We can all sleep comfortably knowing that this monster has been charged with acts of terrorism, manufacturing a bomb, possession of a sawed-off shotgun, threatening and second-degree reckless endangerment. Our own President and his brood of liberal vipers including the government run media, refuse to appropriately label Nidal Malik Hasan as a terrorist, but feel comfortable throwing that tag around the neck of a 15 year old.

Now don’t get me wrong this troubled youth is probably a deviant sociopath whose parents planted him in front of any disturbing TV show just to keep him from whining, but that’s not the issue. This kid in all likelihood did not have business cards that said Praise Allah or Soldier of Islam. The issue is the all out assault by liberal democrats to appease every minority group in the hopes of seducing their votes. The fact that more than a handful of ardent Islamist oppress woman, kills homosexuals, limit freedom, and strictly enforce death to apostates, doesn’t dissuade liberals from soliciting Muslims.

I must point out that liberals froth at the mouth when given the chance to persecute Christians, whether they depict them as psycho on TV or simply slander the church or worse, but they give Islam a pass. And it’s not just the fear of getting their heads lopped off that makes them coddle Islam, its part of their deep seeded hatred of World War 2 America. Innately, liberals have to separate and label everyone, then pit them against each other for political gain.

Islam, is not a friendly religion, I said it. Wake up America! If your at all interested, look to our sister country England, Muslims are going to burn it down from the inside out. Political correctness has devastated our faithful ally to the point that English courts will abide by Sharia Law. If you read the Koran you will discover the only people who claim Islam to be a religion of peace, are the ones who never read it.

I am positive that there are peaceful Muslims on the Earth, maybe most of them, however there are literally millions of Islamic soldiers that desire us eradicated, millions. These people cannot be bargained with or satisfied until you are converted or killed. Do this… READ…LEARN….They are not our friends, they aren’t misunderstood or disgruntled, they are loving fathers, mothers, and children who want us destroyed. Go to your Google search and type in the “dangers of Islam” for starters, then if that doesn’t peak your interest, take a seat with a hot cup of coffee and read the Koran. Then take an objective course on it if your still not quaking in your boots.